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What is happening to me
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What is happening to me

Currently, I have redness and tiny bumps on my penis and it itches, also it feels pounding or thrusting.  On my scrotum on the left side near the rear it is red, veins are purple and thrusting.   I noticed tiny red dots and white pimples.   It is also itchy.  Yellow/white/Green tongue.
Past History:
It first started July 14, 2010.  Went to get a massage.  The person place lotion on my scrotum and penis and it stared to tingle.   I told her not to touch their.  Also I drank some water from a cup I believe was already used. I felt something in my throat. When I wash the lotion off it was fine until 10 minutes later it started to tingle and  than after 1 hour burn heavy had nausea, malaise, and headache. I felt of vomiting.   The next day I saw a rash on my scrotum and burning on my penis. I felt a sore throat.  The area smelled like mildew and very moist.
( July 16, 2010 went to the Doctor and gave me Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment -  From July 16, 2010 to August 17,2010.  Also  Acyclovir, and Amoxicillin 500 gm for ten days. ) Doctor  stated it was fungus.
On August 7, 2010, I had bumps on my penis not together but scattered on my membrane and itchy. Not herpes.  One broke which was liquid clear. They actually looked like under my skin in the membrane.  
August 15, 2010, One night had sweats and malaise. Heavy rash on my thigh purplish and a lump one side several weeks. I had a yellow tongue minor not a lot. I also saw a sore on my scrotum which only lasted three days.  
( August 20, 2010, Doctor gave me Clotrimazole and Betamethasone - August 20, 2010 to September21, 2010) He stated the bumps were normal papules.
September 6, 2010, had very itchy thigh lump on thigh.  Purple Rash and upper back pain on the blades and spinal cord pulsing type pain. felt tired.  Yellow Tongue. Mild Headache.
( September 24, 2010, Doctor gave me Ciclopirox Cream -  September 24, 2010 to November 1, 2010 )  
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October 15, 2010, I still have mild headache, penis itchy and left side scrotum itchy. There is no exterior rash I can see, but still purple. sometimes  joint aches.   The itchy is not as intense as 2 months ago, but feel uncomfortable.  Yellow and white tongue.  For information average body temperature has been between 96.8 to 97.9 sometimes 98.4.  Also my weight went from 249 pounds to 233 pounds.
October 28 , 2010 had an Endoscopy.  Findings Gastritis, and found a polyp which was pre cancer.  
I am Herpes 1 positive since 1996, but took test for Herpes 2 negative.   Did at 10 weeks a DNA PCR Test and a ICMA test negative.   At  5 weeks and 13 weeks did a ELisa Test Negative.   I am postive for CMV, HHV6,Estar Barr, report stated it already had them and they were not a factor on the cause.  STD's negative. Liver scan normal, and CT scan of head normal. Please guide me.
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