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What is the latest technology on irradicating chronic bladder infectons?
I have chronic bladder infections most often after relations.  I have been on many antibiotics for years, more often now.(I have become resistant to many and allergic to some, one even caused me to now have cold urticaria).
Is there any thing that can be done to remove the area that is chronically being infected due to mutated bacteria that never really goes away? I was in the hospital last year with pyelonephritis. I also have flare ups of interstitial cystitis sometimes when I get an infection.  To make matters worse, I have uterine fibroids and endometriosis.  As I age it has gotten worse when I am on my period.  The pelvic pain and inflammation has me at the end of my rope.  Is there any thing new out there that I can try.  I just finished 14 days of levaquin and now I don't test positive for nitrite but still test positive for leukocytes.  I am now trying D-mannose hoping that it will help.
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