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constant spasms
How do you manage constant bladder spasms when you know you don't have an UTI?
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I am sorry it took so long for me to answer here!  There are several solutions
to helping to control bladder spasms.  If your a women vaginal suppositories
made with Valium can really help!  We have dosage info and a doctor letter
on our MOARK IC website.  

Dr. Moldwin actually recommends a low dose Valium orally, basically 2mg 3 x a day.

I have Flexeril for them if they are not horrible.but the Valium works better.

Other helpful things include, using a heating pad or warm rice bag, soaking a a warm bath.  Over the counter AZO, or Cystex can also help.

I hope that helps you and again I am sorry I did not find you post sooner!
pm me if you need links to the article I mentioned above.

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