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Thickening of Urinary Bladder Wall
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Thickening of Urinary Bladder Wall

I am a 32yo male, who like to start a family with my wife.

I went in to see my primary care physician for some mild aches/pains in my right groin, and testicles in July, 2010. The pain has been there since ~April, 2009. My groin/testicular pain occurred almost immediately after I had helped a friend/coworker of mine move 3000 lbs. of food for his church. Being the person that I am, I delayed having it looked into.  My PCP first ordered up a testicular ultrasound to rule out the big, and bad processes (i.e. cancer).

My testicular ultrasound came out fine for the most part. Hydrocele on the left, and small epidydimal cyst on the right as well as what might be some inflammation of my right epidydimis. The local doctor put me on sulfameth/trimethoprim for two weeks. I went in for my checkup last Wednesday, and she ordered up an abdominal/pelvic CT since my pain did not completely go away. Straight from the radiologists' impressions portion of the report:

1) Mild urinary bladder wall thickening anteriorly. Clinical correlation should be made for cystitis.
2) No inguinal hernia or lymphadenopathy in the inguinal region.
3) Mild disc protrusions in the lower lumbar spine.

I am most concerned about #1. Is the threat of bladder cancer very real? I have no visible blood in my urine, or any other signs of cystitis or any other bladder issues.  No burning while voiding, etc..  In fact, my urination behavior has been the same since the beginning of time.

My appointment with the primary physician that ordered the CT was this past Wednesday.  She said that cancer is highly doubtful, since I do not exhibit any behaviors/symptoms as well as no lymphadenopathy is present.

Should I be worried?
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Avatar m tn

I received a new lab report and have the following:

Color: yellow
Appearance: Clear
SP Gravity: 1.015 normal
PH: 5 normal
Leukocytes: Neg
Nitrite: Neg
Protein: Neg
Clucose: Norm
Acetone: Neg
Urobilinog: Norm
Bilirubin: Neg
Blood: Neg
WBC: 8-12
RBC: 0
Epithelial: 0
Bacteria: 0

I am concerned about the WBC being so high.  The chem test comes up negative for WBC, but the microbiology shows 8-12.

What's up?!?
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