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3 yrs after bypass - still questions, pain
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3 yrs after bypass - still questions, pain

I was 46 (now 48), female, when i had a heart attack, 97% blockage, triple bypass.  I am type 2 diabetic also. I go to the cardiologist/chf specialist and my regular doctor every 3 months.  my a1c is 6.4, cholesterol is down from 386 to 124, tri's- 2400 to 310.  my good cholesterol is at only 25.  after 6 months of perscription fish oil, now on niaspan.  coreg, 80mg. lisinerpril, bumex, spirolactine, byetta, 10mg 2x a day, lantus, 60 units at night, crestor, tricor too.  
I can now walk 1 mile in 15 minutes, which i do everyday at work during lunchtime,  i try keep to a very simple diet, as now they put me on reglan for diabetic stomach paralysis.  i also take nexium for sever acid reflux. EF was at 28, they put in a pacemaker/ICD in my chest.  EF is now at 35-40.  Apparently i have also gone into peri menopause, i have skipped 3 periods (not pregnant) and feel like **** all the time.
i have anxiety issues that cause mainly shortness of breath, anxiety.(fear of dropping dead, afraid to drive for long periods in the car by myself) i have xanax for that and try to keep that to an absolute minimum.
i basically quit smoking,  i dont drink or eat mcdonalds.
my weight is another issue. I had the attack weighing 205 and since have stayed at 192 for the last 2 yrs.   i have given up on any real big weight loss, it's a battle to stay where i am.
I realize i should be grateful for the strides i have made since that day, but....i have some questions that seem to get brushed off by all doctors.

i have what feels like a spasm of pain in my upper quadrant, rib part over my right breast that comes and goes
when it does show up, its very painful, but doesnt last more than 10 seconds, then that spot is sore to touch.
i still have sternum pain in the left side, that also is sore.  i get days, where i feel like i can't breath deep enough.
if you can give me your opinion, i would appreciate it.
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I think it is very likely that your pains are due to diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage from diabetes)-- you are describing having other organ damage (gastropathy or a stomach that doesn't work properly) and these vague pains may be due to nerve damage in other areas of the body. You may also have inflammation of the sternum or ribs (costochondritis).
thank you for answering me so quickly.  i have one other question.

what are the statisics of the new arteries getting plugged up again?
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