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pulmonary pressure on echo report
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pulmonary pressure on echo report

Which of these is my pulmonary pressure? I had an echo for shortness of breath and palps.
Does all this stuff look okay?
the report also says "the pulmonic valve is not well visualized but is grossly normal
The main pulmonary artery is not well visualized but appears normal in size.

Does all this look okay?  Thanks for your time

LVIDd 5.2cm
LVIDs 3.3cm
IVSd 1.0cm
LVPWd  1.1cm

RVIDd  2.6 cm
Ao Diam 3.1cm
LVOT Diam 2.1 cm
LA Diam 3.7 cm

AV Vmax 1.35 m/s
AV Vmean 0.94 m/s
AV maxPG 7.29 mmHg
AV meanPG 4.03 mmHg
AVA Vmax  3.4 cm squared
AVA (VTI)  2.9 cm squared

MV PHT 62 ms
MVA By PHT 3.6 cm squared
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None of these refer to the pulmonary artery pressure and all of this looks normal.
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