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Constant state of Constipation or Diarrhea
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Constant state of Constipation or Diarrhea

I am in a constant state of either constipation (lasting 3-4 days) and then diarrea (diarrhea) (usually lasting 1-2 days) and this has been ongoing from the time I was about 16-19.
I have had to have my friends pull over on the highway because I have a sudden horrible bout of diarrea (diarrhea) no signs. These attacks happen several times a month, and unfortunately I've become somewhat of a homebody because of it.
However, this past month I've been having HORRIBLE foul smelling flatulence and bowel movements.
However, I've been eating exceptionally well. Mainly consisting of chicken, salmon, rice, various vegetables, letttuce, yogurt, millk, juice. I rarely rarely drink pop.

I'm getting really tired of being in a constant state of Bloating and Digestion pain (my stomach growls 24/7 and it's uncomfortable and upset constantly)
Actually this may be unrelated but I've been having pains in my lower stomach like extreme I thought they were hemeroids but that is impossible.
Would excercise help? I really don't get enough of that....

Thanks!! any advice will help!!!

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I have experienced pretty similar symptoms to you in the past - especially relating to the diarrhoea and then constipation for a day or two, etc.  Mine was always worse in the mornings, just after breakfast combined with unbelievable stomach aches. Over the years it only got worse - and ended up lasting longer into my day than just the mornings.

I eventually relented after about 5 or 6 years and went to a dietician that a friend recommended... it was the best thing i could have possibly done!  She spent a lot of time with me discussing my eating habits, etc.  I was also a healthy eater, but she was able to help me identify which foods i was eating that were giving me a problem.  U have to go strict with the food intake and then start re-introducing certain foods to see if they trigger a reaction.  Keep a food diary and see how they affect you.  You might be lactose intolerant?  Perhaps u need to add fresh fruit and veg - i.e. more fibre.  I was also hungry a lot, but the diet i was put on had me eating 6 times a day (3 meals, 3 snacks)!  My IBS has dramatically improved and i still watch what i eat.

Interestingly, i also experienced the pains in lower abdominal/anal area.. after an extended period of diarrhoea, it is apparently possible to develop something called anal fissures (sounds fabulous, doesnt it? - search on this site and u will see what i mean).  Its quite common and i think i still get it too from time to time.  Comes and goes sometimes - but was way worse with the bad IBS.

I strongly recommend the dietician thing...

Hope this helps :)
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