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Food become poison-pain
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Food become poison-pain

For many years now since I had a paradoxical effect to xanax and it caused my anxiety to go off the charts (I was in fight/flight so intensely and my sleep pattern was adversely affected) that I react universally to all food. I wish it were just a stomach ache but it affects my whole person. I get severe headaches, fatigue, muscle pain and spams everywhere. It is like food has become poison to me. Since I have to eat it is akin to being tortured all day. The reactions begin around for the most part a couple of hours after eating and lasts until about an hour before the next meal. I have not been able to work because of it though I do what I can to keep my sanity. I swim. walk etc. Sometimes I feel like I cannot take it anymore but I don't want to kill myself or hurt those that love me. It would be selfish though sometimes when I am real low all I can think about it relieving the sometime intense enveloping pain. I have spent much of doctors naturopathic as well as regular doctors but I will not give up. Someone has to know something. Although I have found that this is rare someone eight has what I have or had it or someone knows someone who had and what I can do. Many thanks, Neil Mickelson
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I hope you will continue the fight because an answer is out there for you.  I would like to offer you a possible solution.  I too have suffered from food alergies (allergies) although not as bad as yours.  I have been to 10...that's right....10 different doctors and each of them gave me a different diagnosis.

IBS was always the first diagnosis.  Anything with a "syndrome" on the end of it just means that docs have no idea what is really wrong.  Sudden infant death syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome...etc.

My search began due to my failing health.  No energy, foggy brain, my body hurt all over, irratable, anxious and not able to sleep.  I was in hell each and every day.  Got addicted to pain meds because the doctors refuse to recognize the underlying problem we both may have.

Do a search on Systemic Yeast Overgrowth or Candida Albicans and see what you think.  THis was my problem.  I have noticed that since I have eliminated refined sugar and wheat from my diet my symptoms seem to be getting better.  This will take some time...from what I'm reading up to 8 months before I'm somewhat back to normal.

I hope this helps and I would be interested in hearingn what you think.
Try a gluten free diet.  Basically, that is no wheat, barley..the docs are kind of "iffy" on whether oats are ok or not, but I find oats do well with me and I have so many digestive diseases going on!  I've been taking Xanax for well over a decade and have had no problems with it, but I'm sure there are people that do.  Also, from just reading your symptoms, especially about the flight/fright thing going on...have your adrenal glands checked.  They have special tests they can put you through.  I found out in 2006 while undergoing a ct scan for my digestive problems/extreme abdominal pain, that I had a tumor in my adrenal gland!  There are 2 parts to the adrenals (you have one adrenal gland that sets on top of each kidney), the outer part is the cortex.  The inner part is the medulla which is where my tumor is located.  The medulla produces epinephrine/norepinephrine, which are your flight/fight hormones.  This can be extremely dangerous/serious.  There are several adrenal diseases you might check out online through your search engine.  Conn's syndrome, Addison's Disease, Cushing's Disease/Syndrome and Pheochromocytoma.  The Pheochromocytoma can be deadly.  It (tumor) arrises from the medulla and can cause a multitude of horrible symptoms and can at times, basically make your heart explode!  Please read about these diseases and check out the symptoms of each to see how they relate to what you're experiencing.  The tests for most of these involve blood work as well as a 24 hour urine test, plus others depending on your doctor.  You would need to see an Endocrinologist for all of this.  If you'll check my profile page, I responded to someone else wondering about adrenal problems and have listed the symptoms of the diseases in a response to her post.  I hope this helps!  Abby
Not sure if this will help but I get the same symptoms and have been at a lost to figure out what I react to until recently, I could never find a common denominator before , now I believe that I get into a major flare whenever I am exposed to sulfites and msg, it can cause all the problems you are experiencing and is in so many foods, I thought I was going to die when I ate a piece of carrot cake that had coconut in it, coconut has sulfites,Isometimes the pain varies depending on the amount that you consume, and reactions can be immediate or up to 72 hrs later, hence the confusion at times , do a search you might be surprised, there are tons of info on the net regarding both substances, read all labels and some, msg comes under a dozen different names including natural flavors, and never give up as discouraged as you may get eventually you will put it together, I know from experience how frustrating it can be and I feel for you
One more thing, msg, aspartame affect the nervous systeem,I  once read a book  called " Eccitoxins the taste that kill " , sorry I forget the name of the doctor who wrote it but it was very interesting to see how these substances can affect some people, vitamin b6 is suppose to help curb these reactions. I I am not saying that is your problem and the diet is quite restrictive but you may want to give it a try .
Look into your gallbladder.

I have to talked to numerous people that it has taken years to diagnose gallbladder disease and they suffered in intense pain till then.

I also had severe pain after drinking or eating, sore muscels, rubbery legs, severe fatique.

It took 8 years for them to finally find gallbladder disease which the palologist report confirmed but before that I actually was thinking the doctors were not believing what I was telling them on how bad I felt.

But when I go back about 20 years the food poisoning I thought I had, I now believe was a gallbladder attack and for about 5 years after that attack I could not eat eggs or shrimp without doubling over in pain.

Lost my job, my work disability was cut-off cause they had no firm diagnosis to confirm my fatique.

So do not give up, do your own research and talk to people.

In 2007, a friend suggested Gallbladder disease to me which I told my doctor and once it was removed it was confirmed my friend was correct.
Funny though, the doctor did not think it was my gallbladder until it was removed

So keep talking to people

Good Luck

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