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I have been having bowel problems lately
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I have been having bowel problems lately

I haven't really been eating anything these past 4 days because i have some anxiety problems around new people who are suddenly in my life (have visitors from Tennessee)

2 days ago i had only a slice of pizza and some sprite.
yesterday we had a reunion and around 4 o'clock pm i had half a hamburger some hot dogs, chips, some chocolate cake and a few strawberries, oh and like 5 sodas (yeah bad but still)

I felt fine and that was more than I've eaten in a while and i went home.
I went to recording some drum tracks for about an hour or so and then all of a sudden my stomach started gurgling, which became more violent. I went to the bathroom to see what i could do, and nothing really came out.
So i was like "ok then," and left the toilet.
about 15 minutes later i was talking to my grandpa the gurgling became a bit worse then all of a sudden the gurgles ran up my side and felt like it was in my ribs.
I went to the bathroom and gas exploded out and like BM's with the consistency of pudding, and yes, the chocolate cake colored me brown inside because it looked exactly like chocolate pudding exploded in there.
My anxiety kicked in and i was freaking out.
i felt another powerful movement upon me and i rushed to the toilet and it was more liquid-y this time.
By this time i was on a full anxiety trip and was hyperventilating and freaking out.
I asked my grandpa to go pick up some gatorade and some probiotics to possibly help my situation.
The gurgling continued with discomfort, no pain really.
I couldn't really go much after that, just some mucous on the toilet tissue.
I tried to get some rest regardless of my constant bowel screaming, this ordeal went on for hours before this by the way, started around 11 and i was up until four o'clock in the morning.
I slept relatively well, and woke up feeling less gurgles. I've been going very irregularly with mucous but also some solids, and randomly at times a few liquid comes out with the mucous its nearly clear.
I feel hungry, and i had some toast.

So is it just from the random intake of the food at the reunion yesterday, because i'm currently still making pretty frequent trips to the toilet letting out small amounts of mucous, and some tiny shards of BM's

(sometimes i go more than a few shards and its not solid, but more solid than water and there's barely anything coming out)

help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much
Hello and hope you are doing well.

From the symptoms given, you seem to be suffering from acute diarrhea, which could most probably be of an infectious nature. As you have been eating outside, it is more likely so. If you are aware of a medicine or food that’s causing the diarrhea, then avoid it. Further avoid foods like milk and milk products, high fat or greasy food,  foods that have a lot of fiber like citrus fruits and  very sweet foods, such as cakes and sweets.

Replacing the lost fluid and salt forms the mainstay of therapy for diarrhea, this is to prevent dehydration. As long as you do not have vomiting you can take soups, coconut water, water, and electoral solution. All this replacement is only until you consult your physician. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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