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IBS driving me mad
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IBS driving me mad

Hi Ya!

Im just new on here, and was wondering if anyone could help. I have IBS D and I am honestly at my wits end with it. I have recently started Uni and I am constantly getting upset about my IBS, I worry so much about it, it is more the embarrassement- after I eat I get rumbling low down in my intestines and it wont stop, this can be very embarrassing. I also worry about the D, but I can try and control this with Immodium. I really dont know if it is worth going to Uni, I just wish I didnt have to do anything Does anyone know anything to help?
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why woundn't u want to go to uni and persue what u want in life ---these are the happydays sorry about the pun
u mention the word WORRY quite a few times up there and im sorry to say the more u worry about this the more ibs is going to love u for it.
anxiety/worry are more or less the same thing and both will increase intestinal flow to put it simply ....
ibs will have different effects on different people but u need to take a small look at your digestion,,diet,,anxiety issues {worring about ibs is anxiety alltough  why would u not worry} exercise..and maybe taking some supplements to help here.
i dont know how long u have ibs but most with ibs-d feel the symptoms in the morning
so start by find a certain food that is good for u in the  morning .keep low in sugar ..low in fats and also low in acidity {difficult i know}
try and keep a food diary    and note when symptoms are worst
try pro biotics   these take time to balance the natural flora in the gut
take the immodium
try psyllium husks to help slow food transit    
eat wholefoods     nothing from cans /no processed  //and no fast food!!!!!!!!
try dairy free
eat smaller meals at more times throughout the day

if u suffer from anxiety to your doc about a low dose med
anti-spasmatics can help with the diarrhea as well            but not in some
it is all about learning new eating habits and that is not to say u eat bad but sometimes the gut get's overwhelmed and cause it cant take a break cause everybody has to eat finds it hard to heal .........also rem the gut has a whole network of neurotranmiters all in itself and emotions are always felt there not in the mind as most would think .....did u ever here the saying ''i get butterflies in my stomach''' if that goes on and on it will eventually cause symptoms .......i dont know if u have been tested for allergies ie  lactose---gluten--fructose etc but if u have not maybe u should just in case as these will minic ibs as well ------------

let us know how u go
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Hi Lagoya

Thank you very much for your reply :)
I worry about everything, I have been like that for years, but it has gotten worse over the past few years. I have been digonsed with IBS for just over a year. I have recently been prescribed Reboxetine to help with the anxiety and last week I thought it was helping the IBS a bit, but this week has been a nightmare! Im not sure if I should up my dose of the medicine, cause I am only on a low dose.
You are so right, worrying about it makes it worse, and I try so hard not to worry, but just cant seem too. Yeah, I always feel the symptoms in the morning, then it can be okay, until I eat something for lunch. I dont eat fast foods, and try not to eat processed foods either-sometimes I just cant figure out what triggers it. I often think I should try eat small meals throuout the day, but then try not to eat much through the day at Uni and then eat at night. I hate if I have classes in the afternoon, by then I am hungry!! I also have anorexia nervosa-I was diagonsed 4 years ago and am in recovery now, however, it makes it even more difficult. My weight is not great at the moment and I could do with putting on some-but I just find everything so difficult.

Sorry for ranting!
Thank you for your help!!
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listen u can rant away all u want that is what in here is about u will find loads of people who  suffer from ibs in here and will help u get it some way under control

i had the exact same problem everything i ate no matter how healthy went straight through me  their are people out there paying thousands for weight loss and i got mine for free lol alltough i did not have it to lose in the first place.
but eventually with diet..practise less stress,,exercise i have more or less gotten things under control
i am not sure what foods u like cause we all have different tastes but finding ways to balance out the diet will help u get the confidence back in that area ......
try and eat a good breakfast
bolied egg with toast wholemeal
wait for an hour and have a banana etc
do not eat fruit the same time as your meal rather in-between meals as fruit is quickely absorbed
try the probiotics they are the way forward in ibs
dont overload your digestive system late at night
i would say eat every 2-3 hrs wholefoods doing this will not overload your tract and u will be getting the nutrients u need
avoid caffeine at all costs   try peppermint tea      its great
low dose anti-d's are used in ibs-d and should slow down gut motility for u these are best taken at night but that is up to your doc
u will be fine and this will improve

keep posted
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Anything with a "syndrome" on the end of it just means that the doctors have no idea what is really wrong with you.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome..etc.

I too suffered from your exact symptoms for about a year.  About 30 mins after eating I would get severe abdominal cramps, gas, bloating.  I went to the ER 3 times in a one month period and had every test known to man run on me and each one came back showing nothing wrong.

I'm not an expert nor a doctor but I do think what you are explaining is an intollerance to either gluten or dairy.  Once I eliminated both items my stomach pain, gas and bloating went away.  I do have a few other problems but for the most part I'm pretty good.

What happens is your small intestine in inflamed and no longer able to digest certain proteins and enzymes.  Your body does not recognize these items and begins to defend itself causing your pain.  

Do a search on gluten intollerance and lactose intollerance and I think you may find your answer.  Good luck and let me know how things are going.
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I had a gastroscope done . did you? H pyloric bacteria causes alot of grief long term use of Nexium zantac prilosec type drugs you grow polyps in your stomach so i had 5 hyperplastic polyps removed  im 43  2 yrs ago got sick again removed another polyp have gastritisi  hiatle hernia  i had abdominal pain bloatin chronic diarrhea it was stomach acid  burning my butt yellow liquid  so i have to swollow metamucil capsule to absorb that acid and i had my gall bladder removed so what about yours ? hows your liver panel cholestrol ? don;t forget  alcohol is grains  you could be having a problem with? hope somethin i share helps you ? and i don't drink or smoke or do pills mine are food allergies or intolernces to medicaton  i' have alot of issues  with enviromental and food and now drugs  as i mentioned in a post to you i was allergic to the nexium and the generic prilosec they may not be wheat and  gluten or cassine free sp  food dye bother people now   my body don't like sulfa sulfer or even the water so try the GF diet  use lactaid milk eat yorgurt  activa type  
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hi  hope somethingn i share helps with what you mentioned about being anorexic  you body is so under alot of stress i found this on a search
The presence of any of these suggests a severe disease, and hospitalization may be required:
severe dehydration, possibly leading to cardiovascular shock
electrolyte imbalance (such as potassium insufficiency)
cardiac arrhythmias related to the loss of cardiac muscle and electrolyte imbalance
severe malnutrition
thyroid gland deficiencies which can lead to cold intolerance and constipation
appearance of fine baby-like body hair (lanugo)
bloating or edema
decrease in white blood cells which leads to increased susceptibility to infection
tooth erosion and decay with self-induced vomiting
seizures related to fluid shifts due to excessive diarrhea or vomiting

I also read crohnes diease is common, abdominal pain intestinal pain  have  you had a colonoscopy? or a gastroscope the drs probably have other medication that will work  to help you,  maybe you have H pyloric bacteria in your stomach ?   A GF diet is a good start , and eatting or drinking yorgurt with live cultures  now i swollow metamucil so my running dont burn my butt and food stays longer  hope all simmers down.. i'm 43
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