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IBS or something else please help!!!!!
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IBS or something else please help!!!!!

It started in october 2012 when I had norovirus which lasted for 5 days where I had severe stomach cramps, nausea and vomitting. 2 weeks later I called my emergency doctor who came round to my house, said I had to get straight to hospital where I was admitted and had IV antibotics and I was in for 5 nights/6 days. When I was in I was under 2 consultants (private healthcare) who both weren't very good and got me very confused as I wasn't well either. I had the test where they put a camera down my throat and another one up my bum under sedation and nothing came out plus a load of blood tests, ultrasound on my stomach and an abdo MRI scan.

I am now under a different gastroentoligist who is a very good friend of my boss whos also ran a load of blood tests and everything is coming up normal though my syptoms (symptoms) follow: Nausea, Upset stomach, Dirrohea, Cramping, Stomach grumbling/growling, Feeling very off, feeling generally unwell, constipation and dirrohea aswell as bad wind. . My boss is a dietican so I have been under her and seen her a few times whos suggested I add more fibre into my diet now I only eat wholemeal bread which I really enjoy I can eat up to 6 slices a day but I am still badly constipated, I feel backed up, always tired, a constant nausea feeling which isn't nice because I have a fear of vomitting.

Although I have had every test under the sun and I have been tested also for chrons diease but my gastro consultant is saying its just my IBS is playing up though I also have PCOS and havent had a period this year and I only had 4 last year but now after going to my GP with joint pain I have a vitamin B12 deficiency so I am taking medication for this.

I am honestly fed up of feeling so full after even a very small meal, constipated, feeling unwell and having really bad wind nobody seems to understand what I am going through and my gastro consultant also gave me some medication to take to help me stop being so constipated which I am taking now but its not working my stools are really hard, I have to help it out then I get a very sore bum (sorry for details) but I am really getting fed up now and nobody can give me a straight answer which is upsetting me even more. I dread night time because I feel even more sick and scared to go bed & have been up a few times in the night with a bad upset stomach causing me bad stomach cramps and leaving me going to bed taking calpol (cant take pills and allergic to codiene) with a hot water bottle on my tummy then the next morning when I wake up I feel sick again. Its a problem which is on a constant loop now I am praying and hoping for an answer as this is really getting me down

Thank you
Hello and sorry for the late reply.

Understand your predicament.

IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion. If all the tests to rule out other disorders are done and found to be negative, then the diagnosis of IBS is made.

The cure for IBS is treating the symptoms as and when they occur.Avoiding triggering factors which initiate or worsen the symptoms of IBS like Stress – oversensitive bowel may react to normal stress of everyday living. Worrying about the symptoms can create a vicious cycle, making the symptoms worse. Try to combat stress with relaxation techniques or regular exercise.

Diet – Varies for individuals. Certain food items are known to aggravate the symptoms. In general, too much fat or sugar-like substances and insufficient fiber aggravate symptoms. Intolerance to milk products is also known.Infection – A bowel infection like gastroenteritis can over-sensitize the bowel and result in symptoms. So, try to avoid triggering factors. Choose a more relaxed approach to your problem and treat your symptoms as and when they occur.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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