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Is this IBS?
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Is this IBS?

Is this IBS? Please help!

Ive been suffering from a chronic problem for the last 13 months. It began with the most incredibly severe nausea that would completely incapacitate me to the point of not being able to get out of bed. I felt so sick i felt as though my body was being crushed, it was horrific. I felt so shockingly bad that i took myself to the emergency hospital because
it felt like something really serious was going wrong in my health.  All of my bowels were sore to touch and id wake with pain in my stomach every single morning. Id have constant episodes of nothing but mucus coming out
of my back side, and getting lots of problems of painful farts and lots of burping.

This came from out of nowhere over the space of a few days, coming on after i did a 2-day fruit cleanse (where i only ate grapes for 2 days). The hospital and follow up doctor appoinment could not find anything wrong
with all the usual blood tests and examinations, and said that the temporary diet change was not a factor.
I spent the next 14 days straight in pure agony. I could not function, get out of bed or do any simple tasks, the nausea was so disabling. Id never ever felt  that ill before, not even close! During this time i began craving food and noticed
that when my stomach was constantly full, the nausea would slightly relax and id   temporarily feel better. So as long i kept eating id feel slightly better.

As i was eating a lot, i began taking a supplemant called Hydro-Zyme, which is a  digestive support supplement, mainly used for protein digestion and to increase the levels of acid in the stomach. I was given this by a nutrional therapist  who i had previously seen about issues with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Anyway, all of a sudden, after taking a couple of the stomach acid pills  the nausea died down a LOT. Literally within the hour of taking the pills. I was  extremely happy! I continued to take the pills everytime id eat, or even on an empty
stomach, and on each pill id feel relief from the excruciating pain of the constant nausea. I was still waking up with bowel pain and having bowel problems all day long but the pills really helped to calm the nausea which i felt was coming from my stomach.

Then i got to a point where the pills would not help me get completely better. Although much better than previously, i still felt nauseous.

Now its been 14 months since this problem started, and i have spent EVERY day for the last 14 months feeling constantly sick and nasueous Every day without fail. I wake up in the morning with stomach pains and my bowels
are tender to press. Then within an hour of waking the nausea hits me and doesnt let up all day long.

Also I feel constantly as if there is a big poo inside me that needs to come out but never does, i have episodes of just mucus coming from the backside, i burp all day and have really painful 'pop corn' farts and also more recently over the last 5 months ive developed these horrible migraines/headache that last for hours at a time.

I have had to drop out of university and have not been able to hold down a job.  I have no money to survive now and im at the end of my tether. The only times i  ever feel well enough to even leave the house is if my stomach is full all day long  and i keep eating, or within an hour of drinking alcohol.  If i forget to take the stomach acid pills the nausea gets worse also.

Ive had a colonscopy which was normal and an endoscopy which showed i had an aggressive H.Pylori infection but which was treated with antibiotics, and did not show up in a stool test afterwards. All of my many many blood tests hhave shown nothing unusual, i have been evaluated for anxiety/depression and the doctors say im fine from that too. I have  been sent to Rhuematology also to rule out any auto-immune problems. No one can find what is causing my problem and i dont know how much longer i can cope with this for.

All i know is that keeping my stomach full and/or eating fatty and greasy food all day long helps to supress the nausea. The HydroZyme pills also help to ensure i dont get as bad as i was when it first started, and every time i drink alochol it seems  to kill the nausea too. Also if i sit and burp for hours on end, that sometimes helps too. This is all i can tell you, i have no idea what to do!

I need my life back!

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I understand where you are coming from , you poor thing I have had a day in day out problem like yourself I'm 22 and have breathing problems like mini heart attacks, and abdo pain like its on and off but the feeling of it is always there you can't move you can't think and everyone around you just keeps telling you your fine ! It's the worst feeling but you need to know you are not alone and that you should surround yourself with people who love you I suggest maybe getting second opinions as two doctors are never the same ! Hang in there buddie !god bless xx
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