Neurontin (Gabapentin)
by Margot49, Mar 30, 2013
Has anyone taken this for IBS?  Saw a doctor at Stanford yesterday fir a second opinion.  I had been tested by another specialist I had rapid gastric emptying and was put on Prozac and low dose Clonidine.  Can't say I noticed much of a difference in lower abdominal pain, bloating, stomach pain and nausea.
This specialist didn't feel the emptying was that bad and wants to treat me for IBS with this drug plus Activia and Lactulose (prebiotic) but it says laxative and I am not really constipated.  
She wants to do a 24 hr test where the tube is put down your nose to your stomach.  I had one done but she said this is different ( measures bile too ?) and it can only be done there which means another 4-5 hours driving back and forth 2days in a row!!!  I can't take Omeprazole for 7 days which I have to take every morning followed by Xanax to settle my stomach.  Well, bad day today!! I finally had to take some Pepto.  Have Carafate, which does nothing but make my mouth and throat horribly drier then they are already.
So, the plan will be the 2 new meds, Activia, stay on the Clonidine (I have to check my BP twice a day on this stuff), Xanax and stop Prozac.
This is all damn confusing.  I just want to feel better.
Anyone used these meds?
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by Paderla Anitha, DNB Blank, Apr 03, 2013
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Activia is a probiotic. Lactulose is a synthetic sugar used to treat constipation. it can help regularize bowel movements.  Gabapentin prevents pain-related responses. The mechanism by which gabapentin exerts its analgesic action is unknown. Hence your doctor would have prescribed it for the pain.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
by Margot49, Apr 04, 2013
Thank you for the response.  The doctor at Stanford said the Lactulose was for constipation (which I don't have) and as a pre-biotic.  My doctor I saw here today said not to take it.  I was prescribed 100 mg Gabapentin for 3-4 days to increase up to 3 x a day.  I took one the other day and didn't feel well. Took one before bed last night, didn't sleep, sweating all night, stomach ache and nausea which is continuing into today.  My doctor told me to continue to take it.  Not sure if that is causing the problem. None of these doctors can figure out what is wrong with me and I just continue to get worse daily and little appetite and losing weight.  I have had many tests done.
by Paderla Anitha, DNB Blank, Apr 05, 2013
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. If all the investigations done have ruled out an organic cause for your symptoms, I suggest you develop good style measures to promote your appetite and health. Sometimes the proton pump inhibitors themselves can cause a loss of appetite. So, try to wean yourself of medications, eat healthy balanced meals. Try to get organic products. Make fresh appetizing food. Exercise regularly and go for long stress free walks, this promotes appetite and keeps you healthy.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
by Margot49, Apr 11, 2013
Thank you.  I would love to get off the meds but am then worse.  I still wake up every morning and stomach starts hurting and nausea which often continues throughout the day. I seem to feel worse after I eat and have little appetite.
by Margot49, Feb 23, 2014
Went to Stanford last week which is quite a distance from us. They fit me in as I have been so sick and now problems with constipation. Doctor prescribed Amitiza fir constipation and am to start Gabopentin.  Second day on Amitiza, no BM and bad nausea this morning.  Did not start the Gabaoentin yet in case I had a reaction, would not be sure which one caused it.  I have now lost 15+ pounds and don't seem to be able to eat much of anything.  I am eating very bland food when I do eat, mainly gluten free cereal or oatmeal with Lactaid milk and soup and crackers.  Cannot believe the test of my life will be like this.  I am basically housebound and sick.  Is this medication regime helpful?  Any chance of recovery from this???
by robanthony, Mar 14, 2014
If you tend to go to the bathroom a lot, you should consider looking into Ondansetron (zofran). It helps those with IBS. It creates firm stools, and from personal experience, it can prevent you from going a lot. It normalizes everything.
by Margot49, Apr 22, 2014
Just saw this.  I take Zofran, when needed.  It is for nausea.
by nikki956, May 08, 2014
Im in the same boat with all the stomach issues and more! Mine so bad I bleed out and curl up into a ball in so much pain!  I was taking 3 10/325norco a day for my severe ibs and fibromialgia and my doctor took me off cold turkey tomorrow and gave me depakote and clonidine for withdrawal symptoms! Im so scared!  The Norco does help. .. I wish someone would give me any advice!  I also suffering from ptsd. ..