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So confused.
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So confused.

So I just had like 3 pieces of corn on the cob with dinner a couple hours ago and now I'm expierencing abdominal discomfort, gas and just had a loose stool. It seems like my IBS is acting up. Can I attribute this to the corn i ate? Apparently you don't digest it. Someone please make me feel better. I swear I'm convinced i have colitis, of chrons disease of cancer!
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Hey christineyvette.

It could be the corn.
I don't think you do very well with carbs, grains, sugars,etc.
including probably corn which is mainly carbs, likely genetically modified and even if you don't digest part of the kernels, the sugars from it will cause you issues like what you're describing.
Did you check what I posted to you recently about GAPS?

Don't overly concern yourself with fears of cancer, chron's or colitis at this point. You have been to doctors and ou have had an IBS dx, right?
Which is generic medical label that encompasses many G/I and digestive symptoms that do not fit into a dx similar to what you're worried about.

For starters,you need to rule out candida & leaky gut syndrome.

Candida you can self test (only indicative-not diagnostic). Just do a YouTube search for saliva test for Candida.

For Leaky Gut Syndrome (Intestinal Permeability)you need to ask your doctor to do a simple urine test called PEG. It is not an established
medical dx ( why it is not taught in medical schools is BEYOND me!)so you may have to insist. LGS is enough to cause ALL of your problems and further fuel your anxiety issues. (one feeds the other).

Also I don't remember if I mentioned Dr. Coca's Pulse test for allergies, intolerance and sensitivity to anything your body considers offensive.
It's a free download! Fairly straight forward. Let me know if you have any questions

Please consider these as they may lead to a proper solution to your ongoing issues, and if you do go ahead, you can message me the results, if you want my opinion and possible recommendations.

You are so young and you deserve  a healthier life.

Note,this is not a substitute for medical advice.

I hope that this helps and that you do look into my suggestions for your own sake.

Wishing you well!
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