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Undiagnosed symptoms...possible liver issue resulting from not defecati...
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Undiagnosed symptoms...possible liver issue resulting from not defecating?

My girlfriend and I have been having this issue for about a year now.  About this time a year ago she got extreme abdominal pain and had to go to the hospital.  We found it was nothing.  Gradually, dark (she's Jamaican, might be a different color for someone of a different ethnicity) lines started appearing on the side of her stomach.  Yellowing in her eyes started to appear, but it was not jaundice as the entire whites weren't yellow.  They were more like yellow blobs, left of the cornea on both eyes.  On one of the eyes, there is a dark yellow spot with mild yellow over it.  The other eye has a small yellow area to the left (her left) of the cornea and the other side has a large blob.  The marks on her eyes are very noticeable.  She has also been gaining abdominal weight.  But it doesn't seem like fat, rather it seems like her stomach is slightly swollen.  At first, the diagnosis was Cushing's.  After further tests some months later, the results were negative for Cushing's.  She took another test that did show she had an elevated level of cortisol, which though is a result of cushing's, doesn't necessarily mean someone has to have it.

Since then, we have tried going to different doctors, none of which can seem to really diagnose the disorder.  One gynecologist says it was a severe case of mono, but a test showed that wasn't the case.  More recently, to my of our family friends who does acupuncture and therapeutic medicine asked her the simple question of how long she waits before defecations.  To my surprise, she says she doesn't go number 2 for 6-8 days at a time, a simple question that NO DOCTOR asked her.  For a week now she has been taking medicine that has basically been expelling large amounts of poop from her bowels and she has been going every day.  The explanation was because she wasn't defecating, her blood was dirty and her liver was getting overworked.  Thus the easyness of bruising, the yellowness of the eyes, and the abdominal pain.  It's also important to note that it's not that she didn't have bowel movements, but that she simply doesn't like going number 2 so she holds it for days at a time (stupid, i know).

But the fact remains that she still has (apparently) an elevated level of cortisol without a specific diagnosis of cushing's syndrome.  I can't find any information after googling health risks of not defecating, so i'm asking this forum.  Is it safe to put our hope into this now that she's going #2 regularly?
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I would give you an educated guess that her liver will rejuvinate itself....may I suggest colace its a stool softner non addictive that simply makes it easier especially for women to poop. It is an over the counter med.
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