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persistent soft stool
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persistent soft stool

45 year old white male 6 foot 215 lb
I have not been out of country nor have I had sexual contact in past 5 years.
For the past 3 years I have had a persistent soft loose liquid stool.
90% of the time this is urgent explosive to say the least.
When I mean urgent I have seconds to stop what I am doing and get to restroom.
The moment I stand from the toilet the urge returns again and again.
Only after several bouts of this can I return to what I was doing.
All I ingest duing the day is bottled water "Propel Fit Water"
Cafinee intake is limited to cup or 2 in morning 2 or 3 times a week.
I eat 1 meal a day if it is a bad day, 5 of the 7 days a week.
It is a rare occasion that I have a normal stool sample.

In the time I have written this I have had to go 2 times, so you can imagine
the fear and problems I have.

Soon after eating anything I must use the restroom. 1 to 2 hours at most.
I do not drink anything but bottled water. I am a smoker. Menthol lights.
Yes I do have a vise, sorry. And I smoke alot 2 packs a day.

I have a lot of aches and pains and a head ache that never goes away.
I take no meds at all.

At my last check up I was fine urin gravity was a little high was told drink
more water. Like the 6 lt I drink a day is not enough. And there was a small
amout of blood in it.
Talking of urin it is a very very dark yellow like there is alot of blood in it.

I did notice a 2 years ago that dropping mountain dew helped a little.
I have now noticed that when I have milk on sat and sun it is worse.
Soup of any kind is out of the question too.
Anything high in moisture is bad idea. And cheese will not help
dairy product.

Ok well if any one can help please do so
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I'll leave the cigarette issue alone.  Smokers know it's not healthy.  You already know that you need to quit.  End of comment.  Yikes!  Have you had your kidneys or your bladder tested to find out why you have so much blood in your urine?  This would be my first guess, but I'm no expert.  All I know is that this is a sign of a very serious health issue.  It could be something else, but my guess would be that this involves the kidneys or the bladder or both.  Don't ignore this issue at all.  If one doctor doesn't provide you any answers, go see a different doctor.  This is not something that you can put off!  I found out that I had an underlying kidney issue myself that I didn't know about until I ended up in the e.r. with symptoms that I thought were related to my IBS.  It turned out to be my kidneys and I was hospitalized for this.  DON'T IGNORE THIS ISSUE!

I don't have the loose stool issue, but from learning from others who have IBS and from personal experience, many of us are simply lactose intolerant.  Also, it is very important to take in LOTS of fiber, regardless of which extreme your IBS tends to be.  I have found that psyllium fiber is too irritating for my GERD.  It is common to have GERD and IBS together.  Fun, right?  Definitely, go off of dairy, since you are noticing that drinking milk is a problem.  I am using flaxseed meal as opposed to psyllium fiber.  It is far less irritating, and it can be added to nearly every kind of food you eat and taste good.  Try either one of these types of fiber and see which one works best for you.

It is also fairly common for people with IBS to experience issues with gluten intolerance.  This is something else you may want to experiment with, to find out if you are gluten intolerant.  The good news is that people with gluten intolerance/celiac and/or lactose intolerance can and do go on to live healthy normal lives.  My nephew just found out that he also has celiac.  It's not the end of the world.  It's better that he finds out now, while he is still a teenager, so he can adjust his diet accordingly and hopefully avoid having worse problems on down the road.

I strongly urge you to do some research on the basic elimination diet.  In a nutshell, one simply doesn't eat any of the "forbidden" foods on the list for at least two weeks.  There are about 16 items on the list.  Wheat is one of the big items.  Wheat is not the only grain that has gluten in it, so you'll want to research information about all the grains that have gluten in them.  Gradually, you reintroduce each item on the list one at a time.  Then, you are back on the elimination diet for four days while you see if you are going to have a reaction to that item.  It takes a long time, but it's worth it.  I found out that I was sensitive to every last item on the list.  I also discovered other allergens that I have to avoid while I was at it.  It is not dangerous to go on this elimination diet.  In fact, one time when I was in the e.r. to get treated for my IBS and I told the staff that I was on this diet, and no one freaked out.  Even conventional medicine knows what this diet is, so it's not something that is controversial.

When you research which grains contain gluten, be sure to find out which ones don't.  There are more of them out there than the majority of the population realizes.  I'm fortunate that I live near several stores that have the bulk foods sections that have these other grains available that are gluten-free.  So, you don't have to worry about not being able to eat carbs, because that's not how this gluten-free life is like.

Obviously, you need to see your GI doctor regularly to see if you can narrow down the problems here.

You may need to find an allergist to get tested for food allergies as well.  But, you should find a naturopath, who can help guide you through the elimination diet, and offer you good information otherwise to help you get your IBS under control.

It's good that you stopped drinking Mt. Dew.  I would advise everyone on the entire planet to stop drinking soda pop altogether.  That stuff is just as bad for people as cigarettes.  Switching to diet soda is worse, due to the added chemical sweeteners.  

Nothing beats fresh, clean, pure water.  While on the elimination diet, you will want to look into herbal teas if you just have to have that cup of coffee, which is also bad for IBS.  You will have to read the labels on the boxes carefully to be sure that they don't contain things forbidden while on the elimination diet.  Many contain citrus peels, which you can't have while you are on the elimination diet.  I discovered rooibos tea (African red tea).  There is no caffeine in it, and it does have a taste that reminds me of black tea, which is also forbidden (caffeine).  I found out that I am allergic to tea, so rooibos is a great find.  It's a great alternative.  I'm mentioning this, because you're going to want some kind of alternative drink.  I found out that the stevia herb is a great natural sweetener that has no actual sugar, natural or otherwise.  When you do your research, you'll see that you have to eliminate sugar from your diet.  So, this is a good alternative, too.

This is a lot of information, and I hope there is information here that you can actually use.
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Well, heres what happened with me. I spent about 20 years dealing with CFS, Add, Ibs, Anxiousness and at times Acid reflux. It came and went for many years but as time passed I reached a point where I had to deal with it all daily. During all those years I was searching for answers as to what the ROOT of the problem might be to all this suffering. I spent mega bucks on tests medications and natural remedies all to come up empty handed but eventually found what I needed to get me out of this horrible situation. I had heard about a condition called Leaky Gut and started researching it. I found out that by having a compromised Gut you could end up with food intolerance which lead to inflammation in the entire body, gut and throat....creating acid reflux. I found ThinkRite system that believed in Leaky Gut and offered blood testing for food intolerance and I took their blood test. It came out positive finding I had several foods of which I was intolerant to. I removed the offending foods and after about 6 months all of my aliments left including my CFS (of which was my worst aliment). I found that the intolerant foods were causing inflammation in my system because with a Leaky Gut whole food particles escape through your gut lining and weather it is a healthy food or not the immune system notify the brain that a foreign invader has entered the blood stream undigested. Even healthy foods undigested entering the bloodstream are deemed as a poison because it has not been properly prepared and broken down for the body to use it for nutrition. There is much more to be said about this condition and the info can be found with this company but in a nutshell....after all of these years of suffering....the pain is gone...not sort of gone but ALL gone....and to prove that the testing was for real all I have to do is go back and eat the foods that came up positive and the symptoms come right back within a few days. I now feel great!...Hope this helps.

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Thank you for all the info.
Well a few days past turkey day and I am ok.
Infact turkey day was first in a long run of the runs.
Absolutly no milk products, Zero caffee products. did Have some wine that
gave me major acid refux, but I only have a little 2 or 3 times a year worth it to
have good time with my sister.
Starches were high on the list as you could bet. So the no glut diet
may be out. Will see. I doubled my intake of water so the bath room visits
have gone way up, but there standing visits. Woot. trying to cut back on the smokes
as well down to 1 pack a day. Don't want to drop them to fast or the fat will go on just as fast, I hope 1 or 2 months I should be off them. Hope I keep my girlish figure of 215 or less.

Seen doc on monday he said I was fine. *** hole.$65 visit and $120 blood test. $1200 for a stool Test so holding off on that. And 2 weeks for results. With 80 20 insurance $500 deduct wait till new year, to start a regement of tests and swapping doc's. I am limited to $5000 so got to keep close eye on that too.
Still have the head ache but it has never been screaming, That may be good?
Body ache as well, but I have not been good to it, nor has life.
On a few occasions I have seen stars like a migraine but no real bad pain.
I do have a torn kidney and I have had 72 back surgery's. Lets not talk about that.
I was shot 3 time in Marine corps but don't think thats a concern.
Broke alot of bones over the years and I did at 1 time in life drink a lot, ok 4 years
Of being a dumb ***. Buts that been 15 years ago.
Kick wihile I'm down, oh thats me kicking. Good I need it.

Thanks for all help
681148 tn?1437665191
I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor [girlish figure].  It sounds like a few things have been improving for you with the IBS.:)   I wouldn't give up entirely on the gluten-free diet just yet.  It may seem harder now, since it's the holiday season for much of the Western world, but I know from experience that it's not impossible.  In fact, with a little planning, you can even make gluten-free items for your spread that are options for anyone who isn't able to eat gluten products.  For example:  As long as you're sure you're not allergic to potatoes, you can make mashed potatoes without using dairy products.  Potatoes are not a gluten item.

Here is a list of gluten-free grains that you can try that are most often found in the bulk foods section of your grocery stores that have this available:  WHOLE GRAIN RICES (steer clear of that one called glutionous rice.  Whole grain is best because it has fiber, which we really need), QUINOA (For information on how to prepare this grain and some recipes to try, check out and go to healthy living.  Then, type in the key words, such as quinoa or quinoa recipes.), MILLET (Yes, bird seed is millet, but the kind that is food grade for human consumption has had the hulls removed.), AMARANTH, and TEFF (Both are very tiny seeds that are cooked like any other cereal or grain.  Use large pots for what seems like small amounts of cooked grain, because they tend to get hot and will spurt out much like lava and seem to get hotter than other grains do.  Teff is ground into flour and is used to make the Ethiopian flat bread called Injera.)  Try using Google to look for tips for cooking these grains and for recipes that use these grains.  

Just don't use recipes that include standard wheat flour, barley flour, oat flour, semolina (a form of wheat), spelt (a form of wheat), kamut (a form of wheat), and triticale (a hybrid usually rolled and used like oats).  Those last grains mentioned are the gluten containing grains.  Wheat is the most pervasive in the Western diet, so you need to read labels to make sure you are actually getting gluten-free items.

I hope this information is sufficient for getting started with a gluten-free diet.  It looks like avoiding lactose and coffee has already helped you.:)
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