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3 Days into Gallstone symptoms BUT Gallbladder was removed 7 years ago! Can I have gallstones again even though Gallbladder has been removed?

48 year old white female.  5'8". 158 pounds. General health--no problems.  Do not drink.

For three days I've been having a constant intense pain in the mid to upper right part of my back. Some pain and discomfort around to my right front section. Other accompanying symtoms (symptoms) are some gas, belching, and nausea.  Some relief can be gained by laying on my left side.

As I recall, these were symptoms I had many times over in past years that were related to gallstone attacks.  7-8 years ago I had my gallbladder removed and have had no problems since--until now.

I have no health insurance.  For the past 8 months I had been working a minimum of 10 hours a day(most days 14-18 hours) 7 days a week.  I put in 80-100 hours each week working  mostly from 7:30 a.m. until 12:30 a.m.. This was all on my feet with only a 1/2 sitting down, but other than being tired when stating out each morning, I was just fine and did and enjoyed staying busy!  Loved not having to struggle to pay rent, electric, heat, water, sewer, telephone, grocery, car insurance, gas, and clothes!  Had only one day off in that 8 month period.  

But, I did quit 2nd full time job a couple weeks ago as I became tired of the 20 hours or better of overtime  being paid with NO time and a half--- just straight $7.00 an hour.  With the 3 gas drive off's I had to pay over this 8 month period  and thenin the end being falsely accused of shorting the drawer $30.00 and being expected to pay for this too (Which was the last straw)---I quit.  I'd worked a total of about a year and a half  for this employer. (I'd quit once before when I'd been asked to work 120 hours between the two jobs and said "NO--this was too much and employer didn't understand this)   My other full time job I make $7.50 per hour and DO get paid for any and all time worked over 40 hours and have been with them nearly 3 years. Love my job here and all those I work with!  But it's not enough income so began working this other job, again, which gave me the 40-65 hours extra each week  and I did this for 8 months with only one day off before quitting.  

During this time I had been able to pay for a much needed washer and dryer,  buy needed clothes for myself , and nice Christmas gift's for my family! My car was filled with bad gasoline and I was able to pay the hundred's of dollar's it cost to fix that damage.  It was wonderful to not have to worry.  And I'm very proud of myself--- as it certainly came with some BIG sacrafices to work so much.

Now  I have a vacation planned in a week and a half---my first in 7 years!!!  I am REALLY looking forward to this.  My first time in an airplane!  Big expense--but I've worked very hard these past 7 years and a weeks vacation sounds WONDERFUL!!  

BUT now I'm experiencing this pain and am questioning weather I will be able to go.  With no health insurance I can't just go to the doctor to find out what is wrong.  And this vacation is going on credit for 9 months ( I'll be getting a second job again when I return from the vacation to pay for this.)

SO I'm wondering if anyone out there has idea's on what might be causing this intense and VERY discomforting pain on the right mid upper part of my back and the extending discomfort to the front right side.  Can this be gallstones all over again?  If not, what might it be and what can I do for it?  I can't lay on my left side and take pain pills on a 2000 mile trip which I fly down for but drive back.  

Any idea's???  What other things can create these symptom's?  Am I foolish to go forward with this vacation?


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Avatar n tn
I too had my gallbladder out about 10 years ago, 2 years ago I starting getting gallbladder pains maybe 2 or 3 attacks.  Long story short, I finally went to the ER this last January as the pain was so bad I thought I would die.  They ran lots of tests and determained that I did have a gallstone that had passed.  There is nothing that can be done, your body may produce stones after the gallbladder is removed.  They said it is possible to get a really large stone that would have to be broke up by a doctor but most pass, it is like passing a kidney stone VERY painful.  So I would say to go on vacation you know the gallbladder pains come and go, but becareful if they last as it could be something else like the appendix.  Good luck
Avatar dr f tn

Thank you for your detailed history.

I understand you are looking forward to your vacation. This symptom that you are having should not deter you from having a good time.

You had your gallbladder removed 7 years ago ( is this right?).Was this laparoscopic cholecystectomy wherein they removed the gallbladder by making small incisions in the abdomen and inserting a scope?Or was the more traditional surgical procedure done?

At this point, I understand that seeing a physician may not be a welcome option, however this is the wisest thing to do. Right flank pain may suggest a late post cholecystectomy complication or a urinary tract problem.The test that may readily guide you is a urinalysis . A urinalysis may be able to show any underlying infection in the urinary tract.It may also rule out the presence of stones which may present with back pains.An abdominal CT scan will also be helpful.

The symptoms have been present in the past 3 days. Do continue to observe what triggers your symptoms. Observe if this is related with any food intake and if associated abdominal pain and change in urinary patterns ae also present.
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