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EVERY syptom(symptom) of kidney stones... normal CT scan??
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EVERY syptom(symptom) of kidney stones... normal CT scan??

I have every symptom of kidney stones and its runs in every female in my family.
-For 2 weeks had extreme sharp pack pains
-Then turned into a dull, constant pain in my lower right back (kidney)
-Went to the doc, found blood, no bacteria, in my urine
-Slowly both kidneys started to hurt...

-All of a sudden, one night, i was sitting down, I got really hot, started to sweat, and felt nauseated. I felt something moving in my left abdomin (abdomen)... not a pro but felt like it could be a stone moving down.

-Got my CT scan results back (pelvic/abdomen)... no signs of any stones???

After that, nothing. I have not passed any stones... I have been using a strainer and I don't remember feeling any stones come out.

Can anyone explain blood in my urine, all my symptoms... but a normal CT scan!?!?

Kidneys are still hurting. Occasional cramping... dull kidney pain.
Should I go back to doc?
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I have been where you are now and it is awful to feel this way and not have a real answer.   Keep in mind that uric acid stones I don't think will show as they are transparent .. that is a possiblity.  The other possibility is that sometimes mucous from a bad infection can cause the same renal colic as a stone!  But that, too, won't show up.

I had a 1mm .. YES .. 1mm play havoc on my system; I was lucky it did show up on the CT Scan ... but I never caught that one!  My largest was 4.0mm ... others smaller .. according to last ultrasound and x-ray they are all gone.

I have MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney) which predisposes me to kindey stone formation.  An IVP with x-ray is the gold standard to find this uncommon / rare disorder.  This MSK can cause pain as you describe with no visible stones.  there is a new community called MSK here on MedHelp!

Also, a stone may have passed and what you feel is residual pain that can last quite a while after the stone passes.

Cheryl (MSK w/calcium oxalate stones)
Since your CT does not show any presence of stones do not be overly concerned about the fact. However inspite of a negative report if you do have them and they have not been picked up there is no need to do anything unless you have debilitating pain.
What you could do is keep drinking plenty of water to keep your body well hydrated.It could help in easier passage of stones.
Also do not keep re-infofcing the thought process that all the females in your family have had it.You could be an exception.
If pain worsens or you could take pain medications on your doctor's advice.
Hi Doctor, but should she feel concerned about persistent blood in urine? Since she doesn't have stones, could IGA be possibly ruled out?
Well, here I am again, 4 months later.

I started to have bad kidney pains again so I went to the doc. This time they found a lot of blood in my urine and ordered me to do a CT scan. I am still waiting for the results...

When is this going to end!?
Hi just wondering how you got on because I am having exactly the same for the last 3 months
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