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Floating Kidney
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Floating Kidney

Can anybody help I am a 29yr old female, for the last few years I have been suffering with pain between my hip and under my ribcage. I have been to see a clolrectal surgeon who did a colonoscopy and found nothing apart from when they did an ultra sound discovered I had a floating kidney but left it there.  I am hoping this is all it is, as on looking at various information sites most of the time this condition should be painless. My rhs constantly feels really tender I get palpatations, really sharp attacks in this area and the area where my kidney should be. I also get pain in my shoulder when I breath out and sometimes sharp pains on the backs of my hands. It feels like (when I am sat) like I have got something stuck under my ribcage and is worse when I dont wear baggy clothes. I used to like running but now everytime my foot hits the ground I get this aweful dragging down pain in the area. Do these symptoms sound normal for this condition as I worry sometimes that it could be my liver instead although when they did the ultra sound they said that looked normal. Please if anyone has any info would be really grateful as my biggest problem is being passed from pillar to post many thanks Emma
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Avatar dr f tn
Hi Emma,
How are you? Nephroptosis or  floating kidney is asympromatic in most patients and is more common in women than in men. However, it can be characterized by violent attacks of colicky flank pain, nausea, chills, hypertension, hematuria and proteinuria. Pain is typically relieved by lying down. In the past, nephropexy was performed to stabilize the kidney. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. A referral to a nephrologist may also help. Take care and best regards.
Avatar m tn
Hi Emma

I have a diagnosed floating kidney.
The pain is shapest under my ribs and I have to wear loose clothing all the time.
If I walk more than two blocks, drive far or on bumpy roads, or do anything that is boucy, I get severe pain, for months after.
I used to do long distance running, 24 hour adventure races and extreme mountain biking.
Now, I can do very, very little.
I had an EXTREMELY painful pregnancy because my right kidney is in my abdomen (born like that).
I am now hoping to get the surgery to attach it and hold it in one position.

Here is to hoping that someone takes my pain seriously.
I have had this problem for 8 years now, and I'm very frustrated.

Have you had any resolution since your last post?
Avatar f tn
Dear Emma,

Hope that you've managed to resolve the problem.

I was diagnosed with floating kidney 10 years ago.

I can feel a slight pain almost constantly and used to get very sharp pains as I used to dance very often.

What I've learned over the years is that there are things that make my kidney worse:

1. caffeine
2. alcohol
3. strong medication/drugs
4. dehydration
6. long sitting/bad chair
7. most importantly - weight loss

I did not have any problems with tight clothes so far.

What is  worrying is that even though it supposed to be harmless (apart from pain) all the things above make it worse. That must mean that the kidney is actually weak. I also don't get why doctors ignore this, there is a treatment that would make our lives easier. Some of the doctors don't even know that this condition exists!

Btw. do you watch House? If not, watch season 4, episode 12. I know it's only a TV show but I started to worry a bit when I saw it.

All the best, Kaia
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