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Kidney Infection, negative urine culture??
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Kidney Infection, negative urine culture??

I’m really hoping I can get some help here, because my Dr. is puzzled.
I got very sick last week... I started out with very bad chills then a high fever  (my temp went from 95 – during the chills - to 102.5 within 30 minutes!)  At first, I wasn't sure what was wrong, but after half a day, the dull ache I usually get during kidney infections started to become more apparent. I also had some pain in my bladder area and diarrhea, which I usually have during a kidney infection.  That is when I realized it was a kidney infection. I have had several in the past because I don't get bladder infection symptoms, or the symptoms are very mild.  
I went to the Dr. when I was really sick and my urine test was negative. Some bacteria was found (see below.)  I was completely shocked.  My Dr. put me on Cipro and sent my urine to the lab. Still negative, but the Cipro seemed to work… I started feeling better 24 hours after being on it.
She said to go ahead and stop the antibiotic since it was negative… so I stopped (after 4 days.)  That was about a week ago.  Now I just feel “icky,” tired, low energy, etc.. I have some pain on and off in my bladder area and it is difficult to empty my bladder.
Here are the results regarding the bacteria from my urine tests. I thought I did the clean catch and was very thorough with the 2nd one.
1st test (when I was sick)
Three or more organisms present, each greater than 10,000 CU/ML. May represent normal Flora contamination from external genitalia. No future testing required.
2nd test (most recent, when I was feeling better, minor symptoms)
Multiple organisms present, each less than 10,000 CFU/ML. These organisms commonly found on external and internal genitalia, are considered to be colonizers. No further testing performed.
Could I have a kidney infection with a negative urine culture? Are there any other tests I should ask for?

Thank you so much!

Hello and hope you are doing well.

If your urine culture is negative for infection, other causes of pain, burning, and frequency should be investigated. Burning with urination can also occur in women with vaginal infections (such as a yeast infection) or in people with urethritis (inflammation of the urethra).

However, some urinary tract infections are caused by small quantities of bacteriuria that may not be detected on a typical urine culture. Therefore, in some cases your provider may choose to continue you on antibiotics even if the culture is reported to be negative.  Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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