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i only drink 1 cup of water per day - New!
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i only drink 1 cup of water per day - New!

the thing is i don't feel thirsty as often as most people do, i've always only drank 1 cup of water per day when i come home from work and finish my bath at 7pm and i would feel the need to drink only once during this time and no more for the rest of the day.

its been like this for 6 years and my lower sides are starting to hurt whenever i don't drink at all. i went to my doctor and had my urine checked and he said my kidney is fine, but i keep telling him again that when i don't drink water the sides would hurt or feel abit stiff but he said its from muscle pain and stress...i just don't know though nothing major has happened so far (i'm 21) in the morning i would hurry off without drinking anything, then i would get maybe a drink at lunch though not always, then i would come home and everytime i finish my bath i would feel extremely thirsty and would have 1-2 cups of water. then i would go to bed without need to drink anything again until the next morning. and every morning when i get up, i would have to go REALLY BAD.

so basically i only drink 1 cup of water per day, i don't drink 1 drop of liquid from morning till late afternoon when i come home so is this normal? my buddy doesn't drink much either except for coke and beer late in the evening. for me though it just feels awful to gulp any liquid down when i'm not thirsty at all, especially with water being so tasteless.

well thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it thank you!
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I am 45 and have never really had much of a desire or thirst for water/liquids...Drinking water was always more of an afterthought of knowing that I NEED to do it, not want to do it.  My husband and his family on the other hand are people that are CONSTANTLY thirsty and drinking water (just a health note..they are prone to diabetes).  I too have always had to go to the bathroom more than anyone though..I don't know if it is my kidneys needing to work that much more or it's just me. When I was in my early to mid 20's I would get this sharp pain (quite like you are describing)...Crazy thing is it would happen when I was in the shower (I think the sensation of "holding it" and the water combined..)  I know that it sounds crazy! Sometimes it would be so bad that I would have to leave in the middle of my shower and lie on the floor.  Long story short, I did one day end up in the hospital for dehydration.  Nothing was/is "wrong" with my kidney's but I was putting a terrible strain on them.  Do your best to drink 1/2 glass of cranberry juice with 1/2 glass of water.  It was amazing to me when I found out our bodies are like 85% water..and at the time they estimated that I was about down to 20%!
Hi:  I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a few years ago.  Just happened to be looking at some of the posts, and saw yours.  I am not a water drinker either, and all my doctors keep telling me to drink my water for so many health reasons.  Its important to flush out your kidneys.  I have to force myself to drink water most of the time.  Just do not desire it.
Try drinking it with some ice and a slice of lemon to make yourself feel like its some type of drink, especially on a hot day.
     Just checking urine is not enough.  For your own peace of mind, you should get a complete blood work-up that checks everything.  A CBC with a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile will show all your levels.
     I tell you this, because I was very fortunate to be working in a doctors office.  I did not have to pay for my blood work, therefore, I did mine every 6 months.  I had Leukemia, and did not even know it.  No symptoms or anything.  They found it when they did my routine blood work.
I have been very blessed that they found it when they did.  That was 12 years ago.
   Do yourself a favor, as you are a young person.  Get a physical every year with complete blood work, urinalysis,etc.
   You probably do not have a kidney problem, but get that check-up.
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