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Other ways of learning/ eg computer learning programs
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Other ways of learning/ eg computer learning programs

Does anyone have any experience with computer softwear programs for children with learning difficulties,
Just interested if anyone has tried different learning d/ programs that help other than speech therapy.

One of our daughter's, a twin is 7yrs old , 8 year's this October, our
daughter has been with a speech therapist, private for over 4yrs
now, our daughter  had late speech development, has learning difficulties, had at 6yrs old her tested by a child educaiton pyscologist, she can now
talk 10-12 word sentences now but still has expressive language delay, sequence language difficulties, our
daughter though is reading and sounds out words really well, our
daughter is number 5&6 children in our family, our other daughter the twin
is bright and doesn't have expressive language difficulties, As I said our daughter can talk, but has sequential sequencing  difficulties.  Our daughter with her twin sister  are in year 2 at School, we live Australia. Our daughter that has
speech therapy privately and receives

Education support at School, Any information or help would be great .
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