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drug exposed grandchild
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drug exposed grandchild

We have recently been given our 21/2 y/o grandson by Div of Family Serv. after they removed him from the home due to finding meth within his reach.  I'm not sure what drugs or how much the mother did while pregnant but am told meth, zanax, marijuana, and opiates were used extensively especially during the first 4-5 months of her pregnancy. His development appears to be on target for now except for a mild expressive speech delay.  I'm wondering what the research says regarding risks for learning disabilities as he gets older. Any info you can give me will be very helpful.  I want to help him as much as I can and I know early intervention is key.
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   exposure to toxins in pregnancy places a child at higher risk than his peers for having developmental delays, learning and attention problems, and behavioral issues. It would be hard to predict what might or might not have resulted from that particular combination, so I think your point about early intervention is absolutely correct. Early intervention services begin with a developmental assessment. Your pediatrician can refer you to your county infants and toddlers program, to a psychologist or neuropsychologist who specializes in early childhood evaluations, or to a developmental pediatrician. I would have the professional who evaluates him track his progress at least annually as he grows. Delays can appear when the child reaches a new set of demands, such as entering school or learning to play with peers, so keep your eyes open for situations that will require extra help.

Best Wishes
Rebecca Resnik
the best thing is that the child is finally safe!!!
my son has motor delay, i believe some of it was caused by me taking an anti-depressant while i was pregnant
i was in recovery from drugs when he was born, then relasped when he was 3 to 5, he did not get what he needed then
so now i have to work extra hard to provide him with special services
he is 9 now, i have been clean for 4 years, 2 yrs of this time has been spent finding resources for him
your adopted child will need you more than most kids, which is ok because you are up for the job
when he starts school be ready to goto battle for him! sometimes the school system will let these kids fall through the cracks!!!
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