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Concerned fiance, troubling blood results
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Concerned fiance, troubling blood results

My fiance who is 36 years of age has been having symptoms that i am worried about. She recently went for an exam. She took 3 different blood tests on monday. On wednesday the nurse called her and said they found something in her blood to be elevated. She was scheduled to go back in a month. But the nurse said they wanted her to come back next week after they got the results. They want her to go in for an ultrasound. Her symptoms are consistant with this cancer and has me extremely worried for her. Here are her symptoms. Her first symptom started a year ago. Which was abdomen pain.

1.Abdomen pain, sometime would be severe pain. Which she saw a doctor in december and told her to take prilosec. Which would help calm the pain.
2. Vomitting, she has vomitted very little blood sometimes. She usually only vomits after being stressed out. She doesn't vomit occasionally. She sometimes does feel nausea. But usually after being stressed out
3. Last week she had a nose bleed. Only nose bleed she's had in the year her first symptom started.
4. mild pain on her hips
5. easily bruised, noticed when she hit her knee on the computer desk. But she has told me she has always bruised easily.

Her most common symptoms are usually stomach pain that is calm. And sometimes is calm when taking the prilosec otc. But then again the blood results have me worried. She did have the flu a week before she saw the doctor on monday. I don't know if that can have an effect on the results or not.

I am worried about her. And wish her to live a long and healthy life. Is there a strong chance that she may have it? If it is, does leukemia respond well to treatment? Its not too late to start treatment only after noticing her first symptoms for almost a year now.

Any advice would be great. I am losing sleep everynight over this. Can't stand the thought of something happening to her.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi James,

Your fiance is 36 years old, and has had easy bruisability since "always", abdominal pain and occasional vomiting for a year, recent attack of flu, and an episode of nose bleed last week.

There are 4 main types of leukemias: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).

To me, these symptoms do not appear consistent with acute leukemias ALL or AML. Acute leukemia is an aggressive disease, and any suspicion of this constitutes an emergency; no doctor would call her "next week" for additional tests and to get an ultrasound.
Acute leukemia presents with weakness, fever, swollen glands, enlarged liver and spleen, and blood results show low hemoglobin, low platelets, and high WBC.

CLL is a disease of the elderly, and unlikely at age 36.

There is a possibility that this may be CML, which presents without many symptoms, or with mild weakness and abdominal discomfort. Blood results show increased WBC, including neutrophils and basophils. Ultrasound reveals enlarged spleen. There are many good treatment options available for treatment of CML, including oral and intravenous drugs,  and stem cell transplantation. The availability of an oral drug called imatinib mesylate since the turn of the century has revolutionized the treatment of CML, and most newly diagnosed patients are usually started on this treatment.

However, have you been specifically told that she has blood cancer? Does she have fever? Can you feel a lump in the upper left side of her abdomen?

Please describe the blood test results of your fiance in detail, and also the results of other tests like bone marrow aspirate, and ultrasound abdomen.

Good luck!
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