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Elevated Platelet Count
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Elevated Platelet Count

My Details as below:

Age: 41 Years
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 77 Kgs
I have been living with High Platelet count since few years. 4 Years before, 1st time I did CBC the count was 584. Since then I have done CBC about 8-9 times. It is varying between 480-600. All this time all Hematologists where
I did this test told me no need for medication as I dont have any symptoms. So need not worry.
Recently I have moved to China, where Doctors are not that smart.
Last month I did the Test twice.. once it was 622 Count. So my new General Phyiscian suggested another test through another lab within 10 days . The result was PLT 677.
My other results are normal like WBC, RBC and Homoglobin.
My doctor is suggesting to start on low dose of 80mg Aspirin to prevent clotting for 3 months. Is he right ?
Is it necessary bcse in last 4 years the count has been varying between 480-600 ?? If I start taking low
dose Aspirin,  Will I have to take it for resf of my whole life ?? I want to avoid this tablet for this treatment bcse of the side effects. Also I have read in various websites that Aspirin does not bring down the platelet count.
Kindly Advise what should I do ? Should I consult some good Hematologist before I start medication of low dose
Aspirin ??
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HI there.

You may have a condition called "essential thrombocytosis" which means that you have increased platelet counts for no reason at all, and also that this increase in platelet counts does not portend to any serious medical conditions.  However, this is a diagnosis of exclusion and I agree with you that you should consult a specialist to rule out other conditions such as megakaryocytic leukemias (though unlikely in your situation).

Regards and God bless.
Doctor PaulMD

Thanks a lot for your reply and your good wishes. As per your suggestion, I consulted
Hematologist. He asked me to have Blood Test called "JAK2 V617F".
He said if the result is negative I will need to do Bone Marrow Biopsy.
Today I just learnt that my result of JAK2 V617F is negative.
Kindly inform what does JAK2 V617F negative means ?
Does it mean I am not "essential thrombocytosis" ? Does it mean I have
some kind of cancer ?
If I do Bone Marrow Biopsy, in what way will it help Doctor to diagnose ?

Awaiting your fast response. Thanks in advance.
My husband was just recently diagnosed with AML acute myloeid Leukemia and is continuing to go thru rounds of Chemo...but 1 day ago his CBC showed an elevated PLT of 452..HGB 10.1...MONO,ABS 2.8 and RBCS 3.44....I guess this is normal for a LEUKEMIA patient then??  All these off the wall numbers are making me nervous...can you help me to understand these????

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