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High MCV
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High MCV

Is chronic high MCV worrisome/does it need further investigation? Last year they tested B12 and it was 228 so they thought that was the problem, supplements for 1 yr and B12 now exceeds threshold, but MCV still high. Looking back through records it has been high every cbc over past 10 years some during pregnancy some not. Used to have graves disease (no radiation just PTU), now hypothyroid on levoxyl. 38 y.o. female. Grandfather history of leukemia.

Most recent CBC
wbc 8.7 (4.8 - 10.8)
hgb 14.4 (12.0 -16.0)
hct 42.5 (37-47)
rbc 4.16 L (4.2 - 5.4)
mcv 102.2 H (81-99)
mch 34.7 H (27-31)
mchc 34.0 (33.0-37.0)
rdw 13.4 (11.6-14.8
plt 190 (150 - 400)
ABS Neut 6.4 (1.5-7.0)
ABS Lymph 1.8 (0 - 4.0)

Neu 73.2 H (36-66)
Lym 20.1 L (22-40)
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