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Hyperplastic bone marrow
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Hyperplastic bone marrow

I have a question about my mother who lives in Europe.

She is 59 years old and has Rheumatoid Arthritis since 1996.
After experiencing weight loss/ sweating for about 6 months, she was checked by hematologists. Biopsy was taken 3 months ago from bone marrow, and the Lab anatomist conclusion was that she has hyperplasic bone marrow. Many other body tests were done however hematologists did not identify of what is exactly her medical problem.
Currently weighs about 60 kg (132 lbs). Height is 167cm (5'6").

Blood tests as of September 2009:
Results Units Range Remarks
WBC 1.35 x10.e9 /l                 4.1-10.9 LOW
RBC 3.50 x10.e12 /l                 3.8-5.5 LOW
HGB 89 g/l 120-152 LOW
HCT 25.8 % 37-46% LOW
MCV 73.8 fl 78-101 LOW
MCH 25.4 pg 27.5 - 33.5 LOW
MCHC                 344 g/l 310-350
CHCM                 357 g/l 301-332 HIGH
CH 26.1 pg
RDW 21.3 % 11.0-15.0 HIGH
HDW 42.1 g/l 22-32 HIGH
PLT 124 x10.e9 /l                 140-450 LOW
MPV 8.4 fl 8.0-12

%NEUT                 14.7 % 38–80% LOW
%LYMPH                 66.4 % 15-40% HIGH
%MONO                 7.7 % 2-12%
%EOS 1.5 % 1-4%
%BASO                 0.5 % 0-2%
%LUC 9.2 %

#NEUT                 0.20 x10.e9 /l 1.0-8.0 LOW
#LYMPH                 0.89 x10.e9 /l
#MONO                 0.10 x10.e9 /l
#EOS 0.02 x10.e9 /l
#BASO                 0.01 x10.e9 /l 0-0.19
#LUC 0.12 x10.e9 /l


Results Units Refer.Range Remarks
K 4.2 mmol/L 3.5-5.1
NA 138 mmol/L 128-142
GLUCm                 5.06 mmol/L 4.25-6.40
UREAm                 4.9 mmol/L 1.7-8.3
CALC 2.11 mmol/L 2.15-2.50       LOW
TBIL 20.1 mcmol/L 5.0-22.2
DBIL 4.4   mcmol/L 0.0-6.8
ALT- 28 IU/L 5-45
AST- 55 IU/L 5-40       HIGH
ALP 108 IU/L 40-140
GGT 75 IU/L 7-64        HIGH
AMY 50 U/L 20-104
LD 279 IU/L 100-192        HIGH
CHOL 3.55 mmol/L 3.00-5.20
C-RP 22.72 mg/L 0.00-5.00        HIGH
Fe 10.3 mcmol/L 6.6–26.0
Urine Analysis:

GLU Negative
BIL Negative
KET Negative
SG 1.015
BLD Negative
pH 6.0
UBG 3.2 umol/L
NIT Negative
LEU Ca 15 Leu/uL
Currently has enlarged spleen - 17cm (6.69 inch).
She has also been suffering with severe nose sneezing for about a year; her mouth is very sensitive and is frequently dry. Mouth specialist diagnosed her with Candida Albicans in mouth.
She has normal level of glucose and TSH in her body. She has also a good heart rate (120/80)

Please provide any suggestion of what should or could be done to improve her nose/mouth condition and overall condition; or any remedies to stop worsening of condition or what else should be researched in her body in order to identify the problem.

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