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I have some conerns about my blood work. I had blood work done is September and I had several things be flagged.

WBC 3.5
Hemoglobin 12.0
Hematocrit 37.1 %
MCV 87
MCH 28.2
MCHC 32.3
RDW 14.4 %
Platelets 236
Neutrophils 62 %
Lymps 27%
Netrophils absolute 2.2
Lymps 0.9
Vitamin b 12 192
Ferritin 6
vitamin d 26.7

Out of those results it flagged my WBC, Vitamin b 12, Vitamin d and Ferritin. My gyno put me on multi vitamins and I had another blood test done on 10/31/12 here are some of those results.

WBC 3.0
RBC 4.42
Hemoglobin 12.9
Hematocrit 38.1%
MCV 86
MCH 29.2
MCHC 33.9
RDW 14.4
Platelets 258
Neutrophils 54%
Lymps 37%
Monocytes 8%
Neutrophils Absolute 1.6
Lymps 1.1
Vitamin b 12 253
Ferritin 16

All my levels came back to normal except for my WBC. it dropped another .5 And my neutrophils absolute also dropped slighly below normal. Should I be concerned? My gyno told me to see my family doctor. I did and he told me I was fine and didnt seem concerned at all. He was only in the room for a few minutes so I feel like I need some sort of second oppinion. Im a small 23 yr old. Ive never weighed over 100 pds and ive always suffered from anemia. It comes and goes. I had heavy menstrual cycles before birth control. I stay tired but I also work two jobs and go to school part time.  I dont know if I am just freaking myself out worrying or if I do need to see another doctor. Any advice would be wonderful!! Thanks!
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Hi, I don't see anything very worrying at this point.

In leukemia, white cell counts would rise as the cancer cells proliferate - but then later blood cell counts might fall because the bad cells crowd out the good cells in the marrow - which is the site of blood cell production.

Your WBC is down because the neuts are at the low end of normal. Maybe that's from a persistent virus.

P.S. I bet it's not usual for your ferritin to climb up so quickly with oral supplements. That seems like a good, healthy response.
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