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Lymphoma symptoms?
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Lymphoma symptoms?

Im 30, male, healthy until all of a sudden six weeks ago i got severly sick. Symptoms included fever, mildly swollen but painful lymph nodes, night sweats and oral sores. These symptoms lasted three weeks. Then I became fatigued and started getting blood blisters and purpura inside my mouth on the insides of my cheeks. I also had heart palpitations and burning lungs  

The most constant symptom has been a swollen tongue with a burning numb sensation at the tip and hypertrophied fungiform papillae (little red dots) on the tip of my tongue. My night sweats are gone now and the lymph nodes are still occasionally tender but not nearly as bad as during week 1  

But my tongue is still swollen and dotted red. If you click on my name and go to my profile you'll see photos of my tongue and blood test results. Does anyone think I may have lymphoma? I've been tested for HIV mono and hepatitis all results negative. Please let me know if lymphoma b symptoms come and go like this. I'd really appreciate any opinions or insights any of you have. Also are there are tests I should have run for lymphoma?  Many thanks
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Welcome.  Sorry to hear all you've been going through.  I don't believe that lymphoma b symptoms come and go...I think they are pretty constant since b symptoms usually occur when the lymphoma has advanced.  You are presenting with a few of the b symptoms but the mouth sores, swollen tongue and dots on the tongue does not sound like lymphoma.  My guess is that you are suffering from some sort of infection.  

The only way to know for sure if you have lymphoma is with a biopsy of a swollen node.  You could request blood work to be done and have your WBC count and LDH levels checked.  It's not a definitive test, but if they are looking into lymphoma it may be a good start.  

You might request a strong dose of antibiotics to rule out infection.  The fact that your node was tender is also a good indication that you don't have cancer since cancerous nodes usually don't hurt.  

Good luck and keep us posted.
Hi Mochadelicious. Your nickname makes me want to tuck into a nice giant mug of sweet creamy coffee!

I've had some CBCs run:

Here's a chart of my symptoms and medications:

My WBCs have always been a little low. I dont think I've had a LDH test run. But my liver and kidney function tests have all come back within normal range.

My doctors suspect viral infection as well, although they're mystified by the purpura/blood blisters in the mouth:

and the mildly swollen, red-dotted tongue:

Thanks for your input, I'll definitely comment when and if I get a diagnosis. I've been getting much better, as you can see from my symptoms chart, so I may never had firm answers, but I'll be working with specialists anyway to try to determine if anything serious is underlying it.

Stay well & Take care!

Yes...I love my coffee.  :-)

Your symptoms are odd, but it does sound like some kind of infection. Antibiotics probably won't work against a viral infection, however if it was bacterial then antibiotics may help speed your recovery.  

Good luck working with the specialist and I hope you get some answers soon, although it sounds like you are already on the road to getting better.
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