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Occipital Lymph Nodes Swollen
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Occipital Lymph Nodes Swollen

I have had none-pain swelling in right sided occipital lymph node and stationary swelling like small olives in other lymph nodes in right side of neck...no pain....
Two days ago the swelling increased in occipital and is very painful to touch and I have developed severe headache and pressure in right side of head and sinus cavities....nose feels stopped up and numb up in right side...pain behind right eye...and neck and back muscles hurt when I put chin down toward chest....any help?

any non medical relief?

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Avatar m tn
Hi there.

I believe that these swollen lymph nodes are just reacting to the presence of a localized infection, which can be located in the head or scalp areas.  

Pimple like lesions in the scalp are usually the culprit, but there can also be infections in the ears that can drain into these lymph nodes.  The increased pressure and headache are all consequences of the expanding node size compressing nerves that cause the pain.

I believe there is little supportive care to be done, and definitive treatment should be instituted to prevent it from worsening.  A course of antibiotics may be warranted but you should show this first to possibly an ENT specialist to be evaluated and given
the proper antibiotics/treatment.

Avatar n tn
Thank you so much for your response....you are so right....

after I posted this I started running slight fever with chills...took tylenol and woke up next day with decrease swelling (finally) and less pain....

finally got sore throat symptoms today...so that explained alot...

guess I was worried for naught....but since I didn't feel sick and the odd huge swelling with no other symptoms puzzled me....thank you again...where do I send the 90 bucks?

hope all is well over on your part of the planet.....
take care
no long hurt lymph....
Avatar f tn
Im 17, i smoke and drink.

I have a sniffy nose im coughing up alsorts. i have watery eyes and a very sore throat, i also have a solid moveable lump right behind my left ear and im scared it might be cancer. I feel sick actually the worst ive ever felt, im always sleepy and when i do sleep it can be for 19 hours or more. i have lost my appetite completely. sorry my spelling is all as good. i cant eat or swallow and my skin is turning grey, although i was very pale skined before, i am anemic.

what is your diagnosic please?
im 17 and scared of the doctors.
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