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Please help
I am adding to what I wrote yesterday.  I wanted to say that my last counts were:
WBC  16.97     H
MPV   11.0      H
NE% XT 41.5    L
MO% XT 4.8     L
EO% XT 0.8      L
RBC  4.33
HBG 12.9
HBT 40.1
LY% xt 52.7
This was just my last count.. these have varied through the past several months.  But the WBC has stayed mostly up aroun 15 to 18 the entire time.
The bone marrow results should be in this Friday...I am so anxious that it is killing me.  I had back surgery 6 yrs ago and have had problems in that area for a while but my oncologist doesn't seem to think that has anythnig to do with the white count being elevated.  I may just be one of those with leukocytosis.  I know I will find out some things on Friday, but can anyone out there tell me anything about this?  Other symtoms include headaches, nightsweats (occassionally), itching on my arms, and horrible back and hip pain.
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