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Swollen Lymph Node in Groin 1 1/2 inch
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Swollen Lymph Node in Groin 1 1/2 inch

Hi, I am 30 year old female who is very healthy, eat right, exercise every day.  Just a day after my menstruation, I noticed two small grape sized nodes under my skin on the right side of my groin.  I didn't think big of it until it didn't go away the next day.  The next day I had one small grape sized node swollen up on the left side.. That was exactly a month ago .  

First, I suspected STD since I did have unprotected sex a week before that starting from a month ago.  I only had intercourse 3 times, all unprotected with a same guy.  So the first thing I did was to get myself tested for STD.  All test results came back negative with Hepatitis C on the borderline.. Don't know what that means but I certainly use no drugs/needles/no blood transfusion..  I visited Obgyn, he did papsmear and urine work. everything was normal.  But when the obgyn pushed down my lymph node when he examined my uterus , the next day, it inflammed really bad and I waited about three more days.  Then I coudln't wait so, I went to see an Internal Medicine doctor.  He after examination , thought it was bacterial vaginosis and perscirbed me Flagyl and yeast pill though I really didn't have burning feeling while urinating..  He said I had severe bacteria infection and he also saw yeast..   I never even take cold pills for flu so I was skeptical at first because I thought my body was strong enough to fight the kind of bacterial infection in my vagina..  but since the swelling has gotten serious and I felt chills and just general ill feeling, I took his advise and took one pill.   Then I took one more pill the next day and stopped about two days.  The swelling didn't go away and by this time the left lymph nodes in my groin also got swollen up pretty bad not as bad as my right groin,I talked to the doctor and we decided to continue taking it as he instructed ( two pills a day until I finish it)    

Upon completing my medication for a week, the left nodes have been healed.  The right sides remain the same although the swelling has considerably gone down.. the sides of the nodes stays the same.. and now it even hurts w/ a little bit of throbbing pain.  It measures about 1 and a half inch to 1 3/4 inch.  It feels like I have small flat rubber under my skin and I just want to take it out of the skin..  
My medical history includes nothing but history of urinary tract infection, discomfort urinating, like scratchy feeling inside my bladder whenever I eat meat/poultry ..  My urine turns cloudy whenever I eat meat/chickens...  and because of that I do not eat meats...However, a week prior to developing the symptom, I did eat "rare" steak sold in the food market along with chicken and some other bread puddings and noodles that I thought was spoiled a little but .. I just ate them after heating them..  I was under a great amount of stress at the time /strict diet / exercise schedule everyday... so.. my body was actually a very week..  I developed canker sores (not cold sores .)  about four inside my mouth .. and it didn't go away for three weeks prior to my swollen lymph nodes..  and after eating all those pre-made foods,  I  felt really sick with headache for about 2 days ..  usually a sign when I overeat or eat bunch of different foods in a short amount of time..

I also thought of mononucleosis but none of the symptoms applied to me. ( no sore throat, no itchy eyes, no abdominal pain/swollen liver/spleen, etc..)    Then I thought of toxoplasmosis but does that also enlarge the lymph node in the groin ?    Unfortunately, I trusted myself too much and my health, I didn't have insurance .. I will be covered starting January .. but therefore, I was hesitant to go to different doctors..  I already spent well over a grand to different doctors and tests..  

I ran STD test plus about a week and a half later with Internal doctor another ghonnorrhea and chlamydia test ( all came back negative again )..    I just want to know what tests to ask for or what DOCTORS to go to ...in case I visit another doctor before December is over ..    I don't know why the right lymph nodes are not disappearing ... Also, I have lower back pain that usually is associated with menstruation but it disappears about a day but I've been having the lower back pain that began with the lymph nodes that still stays w/ me until now..    and I really can't tell I feel lousy because of the back pain or the lymph node swelling ...  

If anybody can give me any advise, I 'd really appreciate it...    Since I am very sensitive.. and also never been sick.. this whole deal kind of comes to me w/ great shock and I just want some answers...  please help me..
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Hi Kathy.

Lymph nodes in the inguinal region can be caused by regional infections or some neoplasms.  That is the reason why your doctors requested several examinations in order to find out what is causing the lymph node swelling.  

With a history of unprotected sex, a sexually transmitted disease as the cause of the swelling needs to be ruled-out.  Your doctors gave you empiric treatment with Metronidazole (Flagyl) and an antifungal drug, in order to see if the lymph node swelling would resolve.  Medications should be taken at right frequency and dose in order for it to be effective.  You mentioned that the one on the left completely disappeared, and the one on the right have somewhat decreased in size after you took your medications regularly.  It would be better to wait for several days more to see if the lymph node on your right inguinal area would be completely resolved as there are cases where it takes several weeks after treatment before complete resolution.  If it persists, further examinations may be needed like a biopsy in order to  find out what is causing it.

As for your lower back pain that is associated with menstruation, it may still be a part of your menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea.  Also, other causes of low back pain needs to be ruled-out like urinary tract infection (common during menstrual period) and muscle pain secondary to stress/exercise.

I hope that helped.
Good luck.

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