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Swollen lymph nodes with other symptoms - lymphoma?
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Swollen lymph nodes with other symptoms - lymphoma?

I am a 30-years-old male.

I have swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my neck, which an ultrasound scan determined are sub-centimetric and hyperplastic, "with non-specific structure". I also feel a submandibular one, which however wasn't scanned because I had not noticed it yet at the time I took the scan (and my doctor can't feel it).
They aren't painful, although they sometimes seem to "sting" a bit, although near the submandibular one (assuming it's really there) I sometimes feel some pain and have other symptoms (such as difficulty opening my jaw completely).
I feel by touch that the 4 lymph nodes shown in the scan have shrunk a little now, while other previously normal lymph nodes have swollen.
For reference, the scan also detected two 5mm colloid-cyst formations (if that's the right English term) in my thyroid.

I took a few blood tests, and everything is normal except for elevated levels of Epstein-Barr VCA IgG (but not IgM) of 470 units/ml, which were 23 units/ml in 2010. The stated threshold is 20. My VCA IgG was already positive many years ago, when I was about 10, though I don't think the IgM has ever been caught positive.

I also had a chest x-ray, which showed no particular problems, even though unfortunately I'm a heavy (20 a day) smoker.

An EMT doctor diagnosed me with GERD laryngitis.

So my doctor thinks it might be a relapse of mononucleosis, and doesn't seem to worry much, also considering the swollen lymph nodes she could feel seemed "mobile", and that the blood tests showed nothing special. However, I must say I'm not convinced and, justifiably or not, am very concerned.

Four months ago, I had a small dental surgery: since an x-ray on a problematic tooth seemed inconclusive as to whether there was a fracture, the dentist decided to cut through the gums, and found there was root resorption.
My problems all seemed to start after this surgery.

My symptoms are (or have been, some are intermittent), roughly in order of time they started showing up:
- sensation of teeth not fitting like before, after the dental surgery; this persisted
- "burning" or "pressing" chest pain, now mostly a sense of pressure on the sternum
- tachycardia (initially 120-130 ppm at rest, now between 80 and 100), shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing and sense of chocking with a lump in my throat
- numbness and tingling of arms and (to a lesser extent) legs during the night, causing me to wake up several times
- particularly marked wrinkling of my hands' palms and fingertips after short showers, followed by some skin peeling off between the fingers (and I still think my hands look a fair bit more wrinkled than before this started)
- extreme anxiety
- waking up during the night with the feeling I wasn't breathing (this has stopped happening)
- big night sweats a few times (had to turn the pillow over because it was too wet)
- testicular / low abdominal moderate (well, felt strong to me) pain, which recurred for about a week, then, so far, didn't happen again
- loss of weight from around 62kg to 53.5kg (though this might be due to the fact I stopped taking a low-dosage anti-psychotic, Abilify, which had caused weight increase before from an original very low weight of 43kg around 3 years ago)
- one episode of sudden loss of equilibrium (I was sitting and felt like I had been pushed forward), followed by the sensation of staggering for a couple of days
- a dull aching sensation that soon turned into a burning sensation in the upper part of my right arm, made worse (quite strong) by moving the arm in certain ways
- a small "bony" swelling on the left side of my head's back (lower part of the scalp), I can't feel a similar swelling on the right side so I assume it's not a bone
- loud jaw clicking (from the left of my jaw), especially after waking up, and for a week or so, inability to open my jaw completely
- clicking of most articulations
- mild pain that comes and goes in various parts of my limbs; the hands, in particular, often give me strange sensations
- mild pain at the left side of my jaw, sometimes when breathing, sometimes when ingesting liquids, sometimes when opening it; mild pain in the left ear when touching it; strange, vague sensations in my left check, reaching the left eye and ear
- a visible swelling at the right side of my left foot, after mild pain at that location (the pain has now subsided), with a blood vessel looking particularly dark at that spot
- another swelling (but much smaller, not visible) on my left hand, again after some mild pain in it

Are some of these symptoms suggestive of a lymphoma? Might it be a good idea to pressure my doctor into some kind of lymph node biopsy? Might it be a sign of some other type of cancer (EMT doctor and dentist saw no signs of oral / throat cancers)?

I've been feeling extremely anxious given the amount of new symptoms in a relatively short period of time (4 months or so) that don't seem to be easily explained.
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Avatar n tn
I forgot one of the early symptoms, back ache roughly in the middle of my back, with one isolated episode of a horizontal "electric shock" in that location.
Avatar n tn
Also, more recently I started having itchy redness on the skin (mostly on the legs, I think) that goes away quite quickly, in 20 minutes or so.
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