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is it lymphoma?
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is it lymphoma?

firstly, iam a medical student
age 23 male
i have a swelling of upper cervical LN from 1 month ago till now  
my face was itchy and there was scales over it and resolved sponteuosly after 3 days
i have fever intermittent during the day and feel sometimes that my body expule heat
there is loos of apetite but no apparent loos of wt
there is back ache and some times goints and bony aches
after 3 weeks other LNs appear in axilla, lower cervical reigon"above clavicle 3cm" ,submental ,perilaryngeal and groin
1st CBC was normal
2nd CBC after 1 week showe high RDW and increase of Hb , WBCs,within normal range "borderline"
LNs : some of them are" hard,not mobile" and others are "soft and freely mobile "

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Avatar m tn

I believe that by this time, you may have already read in your research that a biopsy may be needed.  Your symptoms are indeed compatible with lymphoma but there is no absolute way to ascertain this but through a biopsy procedure.

There are other conditions that can explain these symptoms like chronic infections (TB) though this would also need histologic confirmation.

I suggest that you have one of the lesions sampled to settle things once and for all.

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