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15 Month Old With Unknown Symptoms...
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15 Month Old With Unknown Symptoms...

Sorry wanted the post together!

Our daughter has been diagnosed with a large ASD, hiatal hernia, and now ulcers with inflammation. They have run biopsies and allergy testing and nothing is coming up for why she has these ulcers. They're found in the duodenum and large intestine. She has chronic weight loss, and loss of appetite. Her blood work has come back with slightly elevated white blood cell counts across the board, bun/creatine ratio levels, and low RBC levels. As a mother I have a gut-wrenching feeling that there is something else going on that hasn't been found. Were searching for an answer, but it's so difficult.
These are the rest of her levels that were flagged.

BUN/Creatine levels were a 55 (range 8-27)
Neutrophils were 11 (range 22-60)
Lymphs were 74 (range 28-66)
Monocytes were 13 (range 3-10)
Lymphs absolute 8.1 (range 1.6-5.6)
Monocyctes absolute 1.4 (range 0.2-0.8)

Side Note: She is on prevacid 15mg, and pepcid 1 ML
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I apologize – unfortunately, I only see adult patients and can’t give you very useful information regarding your daughter.  

I suspect, however, that her abnormal blood counts are reactive and not the primary cause of her symptoms (her abnormal blood work likely reflecting changes due to an underlying problem).  Your question may be best directed to a pediatrician, specifically one who specializes in congenital disorders.

Thank you for your question, sorry that I am not more helpful with this.  

Good luck!
No, Thank you actually! I didn't know there was such a doctor that specialized in congenital disorders/defects. That's wonderful! Thank you!
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