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Elevated Ferritin Levels
For the last 10 months I have been having symptoms of light headedness, tingling in fingers and feet, tiredness, unbalance, pain in lower back near the liver area.  I have had MRI and CT scans of the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys - all negative; in addition numerous blood tests and most have come back negative.

Recently I did another test for iron and lead levels in the blood :
Total Iron = 74 ug/dl, TIBC 272 ug/dl and Saturation 20%.  However the Ferritin was slightly elevated at 279 ng/ml - the upper limit is 275 ng/ml.

I am not sure what this means?   In the November last year when it all started the symptoms gradually got worst and in early December I was admitted and spent 1 week, dehydration, severe body weakness and light-headedness became marked.  However I was never dizzy.  At that time my blood pressure kept oscillating between normal and low so I was put on a low dosage of fluridcortisone.  Things did stabilized but I was not feeling right with my body.

During May and mid June the symptoms actually went away and I felt well again.  But since the end of June the previous symptoms returned and hence these new blood tests.  

Other info: my platelytes count has been consistently in the lower range. Also I had thyroid test and the TSH was 0.3 uIu/ml    , TS and T4 were in range.

Hope someone can help

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