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Elevated GGT question
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Elevated GGT question

I'm a newbie on here and am hoping that you all can help me out. I'm a 50yr old lady that has been pretty healthy all my life except for colon cancer in 2002. That was not fun, but got through it.

I went for my annual checkup last week and my Dr. did blood work on me. No elevated protein in the blood, blood sugars are fine, cholesterol is up a bit  --206  (last year it was 199), but what concerns her and that for me, I show an elevation in my GGT----> it is 63 and my MCV ---------> is 100.

She first asked me if I was drinking alcohol and I don't. she said the liver enzymes were elevated for me compared to last year.

My mom had gallstones and a friend of mine has Hep C. Although we dated, we never had intercourse.

I'm thinking if I take my complex B vitamins every day (which I havent' been), milk thistle and juice cleansing, hopefully when I go back to re-test in 4 weeks, the numbers will come down.

Has anyone else had this? sudden elevation in red blood cells and liver?

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Hi there, just thought I'd reply! Even though GGT is the indicitive of liver problems the liver is not the only thing that cause elevation in GGT. Interestingly, gallbladder problems can cause elevations in GGT too. Check out this site "Labtestsonline" they give great info on blood work!
Avatar f tn
Thank you so much!!  I'm also thinking that it could be a form of anemia because I haven't been eating nutritionally or taking my supplements. And, I do have IBS, digestive problems.

I'll check it out.
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