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Fatty Liver and Depression
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Fatty Liver and Depression

Dear Medical Community,
I am a 43 yrs old guy diagnosed with severed depression and anxiety.  I believe my depression could be related to metabolism or fatty liver.  My generalist told me I have high blood preassure.

Recent diagnoses and tests came as follows:
Diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver w/o definite focal liver lesion.  No focal lesions in the spleen, gallblader (gallbladder), addrenal glands, pancreas or kidneys.   No renal, ureteral or bladder calculi.  No hydornefrosis.  The right kidney is somewhat malrotated.
No abdominal or pelvic lymphadenopathy.  The bowel is not dilated.  The appendix is unremarkable.  Prostate gland is not enlarged.  No suspicious osseous lesions.
Fatty Liver

The following showed in the abnormal range:
AST 44
ALT 83
LDL 128
%Saturation 51
Ferritin 643
TSH 4.51
Aldolase 9.1
No immunity to Hepatitis B  Virus

In addition, I have 3 or 4 lumps of fat in my legs and abdomen.  I’m shedding my  leg’s hair. And  I am 5’ 9” and 195lbs Hispanic/Caucasian.

What do I have?  Is my depression related to the findings above?
Sometimes feel disabled (see below) and call in sick for work.  Am I?

Additional details:
Fear of Public Speaking,  “social ly challenged”, decreased interests in family, personal, and work related activities, often has difficulties sleeping.  Family issues and son’s  mild autism are big stressors are also big stressors.  

Currently taking the following prescriptions and over the counter medications :
Welbutrin 300MG daily
Zoloft150MG daily
Ecotrin 81MG daily
Zetia 10MG daily
Omega 3 2000 MG daily
Vitamin C 2000 MG daily
Multivitamin supplements daily
Propranolol 20-40MG when needed
Zanax 1MG when needed

Thanks in advance.

Forgot to say that, I have hemorrhoids and sometimes bleed through the anus when having bowl movement.  Had colonoscopy a while ago and found internal hemorrhoid.  And I used to drink a lot of alcohol in my teens, twenties and early thirties.  Now drink about 1 or 3 beers every 2 or 3 months.
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Sorry to learn of your health problems. None of them singly are ever easy, and in multiples it becomes that much more burdensome.

I will focus on your liver specifics, as the other G-I and renal stuff would best be addressed by others.  As an aside, I had read somewhere that loosing ones leg hair is worth further investigation and is a direct result of lessened circulation in extremeties...

The two enzyme panels are mildy high, and certainly can be from fatty liver.  Fatty liver can be caused form everything from obesity to extended drug useage to hereditary factors.  I have heard that long term useage of some antidepressants can produce hepatic manifestations - like elevated enzymes.  Some show the effect promptly and others more insidiously.  As an aside, I have heard good - even remarkable things about sam-e for treatment of major depression and also for its ability to protect ones liver from certain types of damage.  Google it if you are interested...

Best of luck in your quest for wellness my friend!


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Hi Sir Osis,

Thank you for your response.  I will check into that  sam-e stuff.  

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I'm a 34 year woman who has been chronically ill for 13 years and have been on disability for 6 years. December 2008 I was diagnosed with a serve damaged liver - Fatty Liver.  With my treatment I have found that one of the causes of a damaged liver is alcohol, certain medications, not eating, high sugars, and over weight. From my 13 years of being sick I have found that medications can be a huge factor of being Really sick.  To give you an idea what I mean; I have Chronic Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Illness, Fatty Liver, and five doctors have told me that I have MS, and another type of muscle disorder that I cannot spell.  I've been on 9 different medications daily, and up to five shots a day, three times or more a week, as well as Botox every two weeks on my entire face, back of the neck and shoulders..  While taking All nine Medications I was unable to get out of bed for an entire year!  I am a mother and decided to fight back! I refused to receive treatments.  I now live my life very active. I still get some treatments, but voice my opinions on the medications and learn every thing I can before agreeing to take medications.  I'm still very sick and face the possibility of dying. The life I live now is no alcohol what so ever! No drugs legally or not! I exercise daily, and worry more about others than to think of my health. Sometimes our minds can make us believe we are sick, but if you just make yourself live life you may be able to over come anything!  Stress has a huge part in health too!  I've got five kids and three of them are special needs children. I can become bed ridden if I allow the stress to overwhelm me!  I'm not an expert, but if I was you I'd rethink some of the medications you take and never drink again! Do your homework! Your on three types of anti-depressions! You only need one! My son has two types of anxiety disorders and major depression (plus 5 other disorders) and ONLY takes zoloft!  Seriously, help yourself and find One doctor that will listen to you and Really help you.  I don't know if this helps you? By the way, I only take Lexpro daily (10mg) and have not been in the hospital but three times in over a year....I believe this is because I refuse to let my health control me and will not take the medications the doctors say will control my symptoms (symptoms seem to be worst when I was on all those medications) , plus a healthy diet. You may think I'm an idiot for not doing treatments like my doctors want, but let me tell you, I feel better just being able to play with my kids and cuddling with my husband. He helps me move when my muscle don't work and I'm in severe pain by rubbing medication.  One last thing, find a counselor! It Will help the depression, which may be causing poor health. I really hope I've helped in a small way and you have the chance to feel good again!
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Sorry to hear about you, my friend. I have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver and also with Hemacromatosis.I have had Major Depression since 1997 and since then been taking antidepressants.I think after the fatty liver problem came up with was kind of a warning from my systems to stop and ponder cause "they have it", I mean, I better take some other attitude towards the medications and start dieting and exercising and change my life views.Try not to feel depressed, cause once you are in it, it gets deeper and deeper and ever harder to overcome.Be a fighter and go for it, diet and exercises.YOU DESERVE TO BE WELL !!
God bless you.

LG - Brazil
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I had a fatty liver which caused fatigue, anxiety and depression. Even after just a week of dieting and cardio workouts, those terrible feelings went away and I feel healthier. So eat well (fruits, veges, vitamins) and do cardo (jog, run, sprint, hit a heavy bag)... This will take care of you. =]

Btw I am 25 and otherwise healthy, which shows how cruecial the liver is and easily it is effected by crap foods and non-activity.
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