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Fatty deposits on liver
Sorry to bother, but I feel like I'm losing it quickly...

With my PTSD from childhood loss, I now freak out about almost everything when it comes to my wife's health. We had a breast cancer scare (two biopsies) last year and it nearly drove me crazy and there have been a couple of cervical biopsies as well, but the latest has me as freaked out as anything.

Monday she tells me she called her PCP because of a pain in her side under her right rib cage that she's had for a month and has gotten worse in the last week. PCP's receptionist was a jerk as always telling her she should go to ER because it could be a clot. I found her a new doctor same day and we saw him Monday.

Based on her symptoms he thought it was her gall bladder and he ordered an ultrasound. He pressed on the area where her gall bladder is and it was tender and painful. They did a urine culture as well and she had an infection (not sure what) and he put her on anti-biotics. We went for ultrasound the next morning and anxiously awaited results.

Tuesday late afternoon she got the results -- gall bladder looks fine but there are fatty deposits on her liver and he referred her to a gastro specialist and ordered a chest x-ray. He also said she should come back and see him for a follow up next week as well so we go back to the PCP Wednesday and see the gastro specialist Thursday. She had her chest x-ray today and they asked her if it was a pre-op x-ray.

My wife spoke to the physicians assistant and not the doctor on Tuesday and the info she shared with me was sketchy like she couldn't take it all in at once. When she gets overwhelmed she blanks out at times. She said the PA said gall bladder looked okay, there were fatty deposits on liver, her blood work was fine (I asked my wife if they did liver levels and she didn't know) and that she should make appt with gastro.

Ever since I heard about the liver thing I have been freaking out and my anxiety is high and I can't stop googling. I can't relax, my PTSD is spiking. I immediately go to the worst case scenario and how I won't be able to help like as a kid. It's awful.

Anyhow, we have to wait until next week to get any sort of answers because I don't want to push her to call for more info if she's scared or not willing to do so and I am resisting my own urge to call the doc.

She has been on a medication called Depakote which can affect the liver and apparently she's had yearly bloodwork to check her liver function but she can't remember if she had it this past year. She gets so little info and forgets so much stuff it drives me nuts. I am freaking out and want as much info as possible to stop my thoughts and she has none. When I ask her something the answer is either "I don't remember" or "I think that's what they said." Driving me crazy.

I'm sure they're going to want to do an endoscopy on her and possibly take a liver biopsy at the same time and just thinking about that and waiting on those results has me over the edge.

So right now all I know is that her gall bladder is fine, she has fatty deposits on her liver and her bloodwork is fine (but I don't know if her liver levels were checked, I assumed they would be with abdominal pain in her right side, no?) and we need to see a gastro who I assume will be doing an endoscopy and biopsy.

Any thoughts?
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