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Fatty liver and hemangioma
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Fatty liver and hemangioma

I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver and liver hemangioma. The doctor hasn;t said anything to me about what to do. Do I just leave it alone? Live with the pain? Is it a precurser to liver cancer? I am 47 years old and overweight. I try to eat a healthy diet. Anybody else have these same issues?
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Hi, I have been going through something similar, although I have not been given a definitive diagnosis yet. I had an ultrasound that noted  a liver focus "with appearances most likely representing a cavernous hemangioma", and then a CT with contrast that indicated "probable focal fatty infiltration", my (as yet to be defined) focus is 4 cm. What kind of imaging did they do to discover the fatty liver and hemangioma?  Do you know how large your hemangioma is?  Typical, hemangiomas are left alone if they are under 5 cm and not causing you any symptoms or pain. For fatty liver, usually the doctors would want to figure out what is causing it, if not diet or alcohol related. Low fat diet and exercise are highly recommended for fatty liver, along with abstinence from alcohol.  Also important: there may be a connection with hemangiomas and estrogen production, so if you're taking oral contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy, stop. Discuss with your doctor first, of course.  Generally hemangiomas do not turn into cancer, nor does fatty liver. But, you'll want to work on the fatty liver because it can become more serious in the long run. Weight loss is also recommended. Please let me know what's happening with your diagnosis, ok. Take care and happy new year.
Hi I was recently diagnosed with a fatty liver and liver hemangioma by ultrasound ( approx 4cmX 2cm X2). I have had no symptoms the reason for the ultrasound was due to elevated liver enzymes. From what I have read hemangiomas do not cause elevated liver enzymes, should I be worried? And my question is, is it ok to drink alcohol with a liver hemangioma? I am only 25 and do have a few drinks 1-2 times a week. I am by no means an alcoholic and I know the rational thing would be to not drink at all. But does anyone know if even moderate alchol consumption is ok with a liver hemangioma? Any input would be great. Thanks
iwell it all started after a masive health change exercise diet  etc
2 weeks of intense workout i noticed my left side looked abit inflamed.. and sencitive
anyway i  got to a dr   first 2 said no no its nothing dw  the next said its  nothing but unuseal   anyway i took a break for abit how eva i did  dislocate my arm  by mistake for the 2nd time!!!  i was in so much pain... they gave me  morphine and madaslim and shoved it bk in  
i came home that night feeling normal  
i watched sienfield had tea and did some writing ... then went to sleep
i woke up once noticing my 2 last fingers abit numb i then woke up again and the whole room was spinning and i was dizzy
i took a asprin and went back to bed
thenthat week.... i was feeling abit stiff but i ignored it thinking it was normal til in the kitchen my dad spoke to me and i got confused the whole room spined around and i was thinking  wats going on  almost fainting
the dr did blood tests and it came back showing i had low vit b folate and potasium with enlarged blood cels

my problem was my body vibrated it started from my leg joint at first now it  virbrated then turned into this eye to ear to scalp weird pain
my mood has changed i think...

i did another for b 12 and folate and it came back normal wich he said was weird.... so he then shoved me on zoloft

this is day 30   of the spinning ... and day 2 of zoloft the pain in heads gone and the vibratings still there ... im abit  feeling sick but iduno
my dr thinks its stress related ....  but he wont do no tests i ask for
i did clean out a house with mouse feccies in it i might add.. long ago i spent a few weeks cleaning it out doing it up for rental but other then that im scared its parasites or something with my spine or neck cause it does get stiff on 1 side
anyway wat do u all think ?
can enlarged  red cels mean liver problems ?  i get a ultra sound in 2 days but i feel nervious abit
the spinning sounds like vertigo to me - an inner ear problem.
A very simple drug - antivert - someplaces sold over the counter helps me. Pretty much known as the 'seasickness cure'
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