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High Liver Enzymes and MRI results
I have had a high AFP level for the past two years. It was 26 ng/mL on 10/4/10.  My ALT is 48 U/L and my AST is high at 89 U/L.  I just had an MRI to check for liver cancer and my results came back benign but I still wan to figure out what's causing these high numbers.  Can anyone help me?  I quit drinking a week ago just to be safe.  I was drinking 3-4 beers a night which may be what caused my elevated enzymes?

Here are the MRI findings:

There is a subtle area of irregular branching linear enhamcement near the dome of the liver, this area remains mildly hyperintense to the surrounding liver parenchyma on the delayed phase images and there is no correlate on the T2 or axial T1 precontrast images.  This likely represents a vascular shunt.  There is a sublte area of hypointensity in segment 4B of the liver which likely represents focal fat.   There is no T2 correlate and vessels can be seen traversing through this area.  There are no suspicious enhancing hepatic lesions.  The portal and hepatic veins are patent.  The spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, adrenal glands, and left kidney are unremarkable.  There is a sub centimeter cysts in the right kidney.  There is no abdominal ascites or lymphadenopathy.  There is no evidence for cirrhosis or portal hypertension.

1. No evidence for suspicious intrahepatic lesions.
2. Likely benign findings within the liver as detailed above.

Can anyone help me interpret these results?  My doctor just said everything is fine but it sounds like there are some concerns.  I apprecaite any help you can give me.

Thank You in advance for your assistance.
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