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High liver enzymes
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High liver enzymes

I had my gallbladder out in Dec of last year. A few weeks ago I had some blood tests and both of my liver enzymes were 3-4 times higher than normal. My ALT was 125, compared to 27 about 2 weeks before my surgery. I also had it tested in March and it was 61 then. My AST was 148, compared to 14 two weeks before my surgery. And 25 in March. When they repeated it two days later my ALT was 186 and my AST went down to 74. I had a ct scan today and my bile ducts are dilated. In Dec they were 6mm, which they said is the high side of normal. Today they were 14mm. The radiologists report said "There is dilatation of the intrahepatic and extrahepatic
biliary tree. This appears to be more than usual following
cholecystectomy, but the degree of dilatation of the
extrahepatic biliary tree is not definitely changed compared to
the previous study done here 5 months ago. Recommend
correlation with biochemical markers. If there is biochemical
evidence of biliary obstruction, consider further evaluation
with endoscopic ultrasound and/or MRI of the pancreas with
contrast and MRCP."
My doctor told me we should wait 3-4 weeks and if my levels don't improve he will do a liver biopsy.
I only drink a glass or two of wine at night maybe 3 nights a week. I don't take a lot of Tylenol containing products. I also contacted my surgeon to let him know what is going on and am waiting to hear back for his opinion.
So do I just wait and repeat blood tests? Or does my doctor not know what he is talking about?
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Liver function tests are reasonably sensitive indicators of liver damage or injury from different types of diseases or conditions. However, higher-than-normal levels of these liver enzymes  does not necessarily suggest liver disease but may mean muscle damage and intake of certain medications.  A repeat test may need to be done before proceeding to the biopsy. It is best that you discuss the management plan with your attending physician for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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