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Liver infection and minor vasculitis
On last two months, I was admitted to hospital due to some sort of skin inflammation (I thought it was just a minor allergic reaction as I'm allergic to seafood). Later on, a doctor consulted on my condition. On that day, I was told that I need a screening on my stomach so he can see whether my stomach is infected with the same inflammation as on my both legs.

I had the screening and a blood test. My blood test on minerals such as sodium, my cholesterol level, hormones level, immunology & serology and haematology is tremendously in optimal condition. There's just a problem in my clinical chemistry test where my Gamma-GT level is 199, SGPT/ALT level is 179 and SGOT/AST level is 64. My doctor concluded that my liver acidity is quite high and some viral infection. He claims that my condition is quite rare as he proved that it's not the food intake or other environmental condition.

My doctor introduce to another dermatologist to consult on my skin inflammation. My dermatologist performs a skin biopsy and confirmed that it's not a SLE disease and it's just a minor vasculitis.

For about 2 months, my abnormal level of Gamma-GT, SGOT/AST and SGPT/ALT is increasing and decreasing as I take several types of prescriptions to normalize my liver condition. My skin is healing as my dermatologist said. I take my main medication which actually is a supplement called LIVOVID. I had my blood test for every week at first and one interval in every two weeks now.

My latest blood report said my Gamma-GT level is 96, SGOT/AST level is 73 and SGPT/ALT is 115. Actually, I'm quite worried about my liver and my doctor can't give me a confirmation about my sickness that I had about 2 months. He just said I going to be fine.

I'm really need consultations on others specialists and medical experts so I can confirm my sickness and I want to know the way to handle such case. I'm not an alcoholic and not having any hepatitis infections. As I can see my sickness is just like hepatitis, my doctor said no. So, I'm hoping somebody would able to explain my condition. I can provide the documents to you (if you insist my health reports for more details). Preferable, I would like an answer(s) from specialists.

Thank you.
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