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Lots of White and Red Blood Cell in urine
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Lots of White and Red Blood Cell in urine

I have had urinalysis done, I had a urinary track infection and they gave me three round of antibiotics.

I also got a kidney scan that turned out normal.  Although it did say I had phelboliths are seen in pelvis area. I still have a large amount of white and red blood cells in my urine.

My doctor is sending me to a urologist. I have also had a yeast infection they have treated me for three times and it is still there.

Can you tell me why I have a large number of  white and red blood cells in my urine. Also can you tell me what phelboliths are?
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Phelbolith are deposits of calcium. They are common in the pelvic, and are usually harmless. The high level of red and white blood cells are most likely due to infection. Your urologist will give you a defining diagnosis.

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