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I am on blood pressure medication  - Amdepin 5mg one /day for some time. Since in September 2009 the BP reading showed 150/100  Covance 25 mg one /day was added and I am taking both the tablets.
I have High Lipids for many years. Per last blood test on 12 September 2009, the following results
Serum Cholesterol 217
Triglycerides 239
HDL Cholesterol 40
LDL Cholesterol 139
VLDL Cholesterol 38
I was adviced  Strovaz EZ, one daily from February 2009 for 2 months and then my Dr. Changed it to “Crestor 5mg”.
Last LFT Liver Function Test (done for the first time due to digestive /gas problem) on 12 September 2009 (SGPT 69, SGOT 35 and other readings were within range)  Cestor 5 mg was stopped and Strovaz ez was restarted. And I was asked to recheck SGPT /SGOT after 1 month.
The latest SGPT and SGOT (October 21, 2009)readings show that SGPT is 60.65 and SGOT 34.39.
Will you kindly suggest a way forward in dealing with the situation. Is it a major concern. Can the lower  SGPT in the latest test an indication that Crestor could have been the culprit. Any other suggestions you may have considering the facts will be highly appreciated.

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