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Tan coloured stools
Hello everyone 

I was wondering if you could help

I'm 28, male, heavy drinker (I'm going to cut down) and smoker, I don't get a great deal of exercise but not overweight. 

For the past few years now I have been passing a lot of soft tan coloured stools, it's a pain because  (sorry to say) I have to keep going back a wiping stools are so soft. My nose/sinus is always stuffy.

Along with this I have a lot of spider navi on my chest, under my eyes and on my arms. Plus the big problem ATM is the pain/crampy discomfort in my back, right upper Abdomen and right shoulder blade it's constant. I also have the discomfort in the left side under rib cage, just the little bit were the left lobe of liver sits. 

Liver function tests normal 
Ultrasound normal, liver, panc, gallbladder ok.  
Viral hep B, negative 
Viral hep C, negative
Full blood count, normal. 

The doctor said the pain is in my head, it's not it's dragging me down. 

Ok i have drank alot in my time, mainly bindge drinking but I'm going to change this but bowle movements worry me and spider navi. 

Any ideas or guidance? 

Many thanks. 
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From: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1084388-overview

Nevus Araneus (Spider Nevus)


Nevus araneus, also known as spider angioma or spider nevus, is a common benign vascular lesion present in 10-15% of healthy adults and young children.[1, 2] They may appear as a solitary or multiple lesions.[2] In particular, when multiple lesions are present, liver disease, estrogen therapy, and thyrotoxicosis should be considered. The name stems from its physical appearance, which is characterized by a central red arteriole, or punctum, representing the body of the spider, surrounded by a radial pattern of thin-walled capillaries, resembling legs (see the image below)."

The following is from:

"Stools - pale or clay-colored

Stools that are pale, clay, or putty-colored may be due to problems in the biliary system (the drainage system of the gallbladder, liver, and pancreas).

The liver releases bile salts into the stool, giving it a normal brown color. You may have clay-colored stools if you have a liver infection that reduces bile production, or if the flow of bile out of the liver is blocked.

Yellow skin (jaundice) often occurs with clay-colored stools due to the buildup of bile chemicals in the body.

Possible causes for clay-colored stools include:

    Alcoholic hepatitis
    Biliary cirrhosis
    Cancer or noncancerous (benign) tumors of the liver or biliary system
    Cysts of the bile ducts
    Narrowings (strictures) of the bile ducts
    Sclerosing cholangitis
    Structural problems in the biliary system that are present from birth (congenital)
    Viral hepatitis

There may be other causes not listed here."

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