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Very High LFT's Liver Funtion Test Inflamed Liver - Gallbladder Re...
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Very High LFT's Liver Funtion Test Inflamed Liver - Gallbladder Removal Surgey - Oxycodone ASPA - Acetaminophen Toxicity

On Oct.22, 2011 my Ast-229, ALT 580, Alk Phos 432, & Bilirubin was around high of 5mg/dl.  from my liver funtion profile test... they tested me for "ALL" Hep. Viruses as well as other viruses and I'm all clear. I "was" jaudice and "had" tea colored urine as well from Oct. 22-Oct.26 when I was relesed from in-patient care thru the ER still was jaundice & dark urine up until Oct. 29th 2011, as for today urine & skin color look normal- except for the burning/pain in liver. My Gallbadder was removed on Aug. 23, 2011 because it was so longer functioning/was diseased/with no real gallstones,just very few tiny ones...   Also,  have been taking Oxycodone ASPA for pain, I have been in pain on and off and was told from the LFT's that I had inflamed liver and I should be in no pain, as I am in alot of pain. While in the ER In-patient care at the hospital they did a Endoscopy Procedure (Empiric Biliary Sphincterotomy) on Oct. 24, 2011...and I had no stones in bile duct as they thought cause of very elevated LFT. I asked about if I had Acetaminophen Toxicity they seem to think not... because my LFT's are now what they call normal today as of Nov.8, 2011 ~ AST 23, ATL 51, ALK Phos 135. So I should be inflamed anymore as they say....I just recently had an Abdominal Ultra Sound of liver & kidneys all appear normal- doctor says they can't do any more G.I. (gastrol intestnile) related test and wants me to only have one last LFT blood work done on Dec. 22, 2011.  What should I do, I'm in a lot of pain... in many ways I feel doctor don't care that I'm worried about this pain and my have accidentally had Acetaminophen Toxicity by mistake, yes I went by dosage recommended oxy apap 325mg....2 pills every 4-6 hours, 12 in 24 hours - 3,900mg in 24 hours.  I took this dosage for 6 days non-stop and took this med. a few weeks before , right after the gallbladder surgey just a times when need for pain- didn't have much pain till Oct.13, 2011.  I think my pain was brought on by eating some fatty foods, and so I took the Oxy and became very sick and was admitted to hospital for 4 days or so.  Like I said they think I'm fine and should have no pain, and my liver shouldn't be inflamed anymore...But my liver hurts, feels like burning/hot and I'm nausea all the time. I feel as if I where misdiagnosed.... What can I do, what test can be done now? Can alone relate? Are my first LFT's damaging for my liver, did I have any liver damage- doctor think not, but I think he doesn't care?
Tags: liver funtion profile test, Gallbladder Removal Surgey, Oxycodone ASPA, Acetaminophen Toxicity, Inflamed Liver, Very High LFT's, AST, gallbladder surgey, Abdominal Ultra Sound, misdiagnosed, dark urine, alt, alk phos, bile duct, elevated lft, Endoscopy Pr
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