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high sgpt and sgot
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high sgpt and sgot

my husband;s sgpt and sgot levels are 279 and 229 he drinks everyday is this very dangerous or cirrozis pls advice
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Does he have cirrhosis of the liver and drinks every day?

If so, he needs to stop drinking for the rest of his life or he will destroy his liver in time and die. People that are alcoholics and can't stop drinking will not be eligible for a liver transplant which is the only thing that can save them when they develop advanced cirrhosis.

Good luck.
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Hello Vini,

Your husband’s condition is very serious as Hector stated. Three years ago I was diagnosis with end stage alcoholic cirrhosis and today I am doing pretty well. I stopped drinking immediately and thus whatever recovery was possible began. I have been very lucky. An ultra sound or Ct scan is required for diagnosis and I imagine his doctor has already set up for him?

Let me explain to you how liver disease works, the short version.. Everything we ingest kills off liver cells but this is okay because this is how the liver works and it has an amazing ability to heal itself. Problem is when we abuse alcohol it kills off massive amounts of liver cells and the liver cannot produce new ones quick enough so scar tissue begins to form. We first call this fibrosis and in more severe cases cirrhosis. So as you can see it is imperative he stops drinking for the rest of his life with no exceptions. Otherwise this disease will develop and/or continue to advance.

MedHelp has a community for alcoholism and the people in there are very helpful for those who are quitting. Talking with others that have gone through the same thing can really help making the quitting process easier.

Here is some more information:

ALT (SGPT) and AST (SGOT) are enzymes made in the liver. They are also known as transaminases. The liver uses these enzymes to metabolize amino acids and to make proteins. When liver cells are damaged or dying, ALT and AST leak into the bloodstream.

ALT (also called alanine aminotransferase or SGPT) is found in the liver only. High levels of ALT in the bloodstream mean that there may be liver inflammation and/or damage. This test cannot predict liver damage or disease progression. It is simply a direct measurement of the amount of ALT in the person's bloodstream at the time of the test. The normal range of ALT levels is between 5 IU/L to 60 IU/L (International Units per Liter).

AST (also called aspartate aminotransferase or SGOT) is found in other organs besides the liver. High AST levels in the bloodstream can be a sign of liver trouble. AST testing measures the level of AST in a person's bloodstream at a given time. The normal range for AST levels in the bloodstream are 5 IU/L to 43 IU/L.

I hope the best for you and your husband, please let me know if I can further help.

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