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I have a question about the lungs
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I have a question about the lungs

I have a cough and cant breath, had a CT done and it showed nodules in the lungs
Lungs: Within the right upper lobe, there are 4 small separate,
focal areas of irregular lung opacification. They seem to follow
a bronchovascular distribution with some branching component.
Small/distal airway infection/inflammation is suspected. Similar
branching opacification in the left upper lobe is seen on axial
image 26, and in the lingula on axial image 59.

A 0.6 x 0.9 cm nodule is present adjacent to the pleura in the
right lower lobe posterior medially. Axial image 84.

A 0.6 cm nodule is present in the right middle lobe laterally on
axial image 41. There are a couple of smaller nodules in the
same bronchovascular distribution.

A 2 mm pulmonary nodule is present in the right middle lobe
laterally on axial image 39.

7 mm nodule seen in the right upper lobe adjacent to the
posterior medial pleura on axial image 17.

4 mm pulmonary nodule in the left lower lobe on axial image 62,
and 5 mm pulmonary nodule left lower lobe axial image 66.

Pulmonary arteries: No arterial filling defects or abnormal
tapering in the visualized portions of pulmonary arteries.

Heart and great vessels: Visualized portions within normal

Mediastinum: Solitary prominent mediastinal node in the azygos
esophageal recess measures 1.3 x 2.0 cm.

Thoracic Inlet: Visualized portions within normal limits.

Axilla: No lymphadenopathy.

Osseous Structures: Multilevel degenerative spine changes.
Calcification within one of the disc spaces in the mid to lower
thoracic spine.

Chest wall: There is a small cystic nodule adjacent/involving
the left pectoralis major muscle. The cystic nodule measures 1.0
x 1.3 cm and has associated tiny calcification. This is an
indeterminate nodule.

Upper Abdomen: Limited visualized portion unremarkable.
Cholecystectomy clips.


1. No evidence of pulmonary embolism.

2. Multiple scattered pulmonary nodules are detected
bilaterally. The largest nodule is 0.9 cm. These are nonspecific
and indeterminate in etiology. Followup according to the
Fleischner guidelines below.

3. Multiple small patchy areas of irregular lung opacification,
which seem to follow a branching or bronchovascular
distribution. Consider infectious or inflammatory processes in
the distal airways.

4. Small 1.0 x 1.3 cm cystic nodule associated with the left
pectoralis major muscle, likely benign but of indeterminate

The Fleischner Society guidelines for management of small
pulmonary nodules are as follows:

8 mm nodule: For all patients - Followup CT at around 3, 9,
and 24 months, dynamic contrast-enhanced CT, PET CT and/or

Total exam Dose Length Product for a 820.28 mGy-cm
Total exam CT Dose Index 38.11 mGy

Electronically Signed by Linda Miles, MD, Sutter Medical Group
10/26/2012 1: 40 PM
MR#: 4955655   ACCT:  4955655      LOC: MO ROSEVILLE DIAGNOS
PATIENT: HOOVER,MYLA                     DOB: 01/23/1963
ORDER#: MOC12018185
Please can some one explain this to me. my Pulm dr says it is very bad.
I had a bronchoscopy, showed no evidence of cancer. I need some answers.
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I guess no one wants to respond to me i really needed some answers.
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The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is to try to find a doctor who specializes in lungs and breathing, and see if you can't find a treatment option.
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