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Lung Nodules
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Lung Nodules

I had some thickening along the left upper sternal border, so i went to the doctor, and they did a CT,
and she said it came back as nothing, and I should not worry about it.

Well I got a copy of all my medical records, and i was going through them and I read the report on my CT,
this is what it said..

CT of chest without IV contrast. 5 mm transaxial images were obtained from lung apices through the bases.

Findings: Soft tissue windows demonstrate no evidence of mediastinal, hilar,or axillary lymphadenopathy.
No soft tissue abnormalities are seen along the left upper sternal border.

The heart and great vessels are within normal limit of size.

Evaluation of the upper abdomen demonstrates no significant abnormalities. Please note, lack of IV contrast limits the
evaluation of solid organs.

Lung windows reveal a calcified granuloma in the left lower lobe. In the right apex, there is a 4-5 mm nodule. No other nodules or infiltrates are seen.
No pleurail effusions. There are several calcified mediastinal lymph nodes.

Bone windows demonstrate no suspiciouslytic or blastic lesions.There are costochondral calcification,
left slighty greater than right at the sternomanubrial junction.

This is not an unusual finding however , may be the cause of the patient's thickening of the tissue along the upper border.


1. 4-5 mm lung nodule in the right apex. If the patient has a significant risk factor as smoking or prior malgnancy, consider repeat chest CT in 6 months.
If the patients does not have risk factors, recommend chest CT in 12 months to evaluate stability.

2. Incidental note of costochondral calcification, most prominent at the left sternomanubrial joint. this could be the cause of the palpated
thickening in the upper sternal border. No soft tissue masses are seen.

3. sequela of prior Granulomatous Disease.
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Your CT report does not reveal any alarming findings. I would not worry about it.
You seem to have calcification of the area where the left clavicle or collar bone meets the sternum or the breast bone. This is normal. (Have you ever had an injury to this area?)
They have also incidentally found a few old healed infectious lesions in your lung. (Have you ever traveled to Asia or Africa, or been in contact with anyone with tubercular or fungal infection?)
You have a small nodule in your lung. You should get a repeat CT scan after 6 months.
Do you have any family history of lung problems? If you are a smoker, please quit immediately.
Please feel free to post additional questions if you need any clarifications.
All the best, and God Bless!
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Thank you for your quick response..

No, I have not had any trauma of any kind to my sternum or clavicle..

I lived in Okinawa Japan for four years from 2003 to 2007, due to my husbands job in the military..

I'm really concerned about the nodule, the doctor never once mentioned it to me, I just happen to find it when i was reading through my medical records..I have smoked for about six years now, and working very hard on trying to quit.

Could the nodule be connected to the infectious lesions, and what is Granulomatous Disease?

Thank You
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The nodule is about 5 mm size, so just needs follow up scan.
I think you should focus your attention on quitting smoking rather than worrying about the nodule. Please seek professional help for this if needed.
A granulomatous disease is how a pathologist would describe tuberculosis and a few rarer conditions.
All the best!
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